glutinous in a sentence

Example sentences for glutinous

Villagers set out in boats, throwing glutinous rice cakes into the water to distract the fish from his body.
When the glutinous rice starts to smoke and blister, it's done.
Then for days he hovers over his glutinous brood, waiting for the first fingerlings to emerge, pouncing on any intruders.
As the rocks plopped into the mash, they sent up jets of steam and glutinous bubbles, until the whole kettle was boiling.
They're excessive, glutinous, and highly entertaining.
It's the translucent, glutinous substance that skims to the top when you boil meat.
Ducks followed these to the table, limp on their plates beneath golden skin, stuffed with eight-treasure glutinous rice.
But it was a thick, glutinous pancake, not a crispy bread by any stretch.
It is prepared by steaming a fermented dough made from glutinous rice flour and rice wine.
The glutinous rice appears a red brown color, while the non-glutinous rice appears a blue color.
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