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The fact that there is a glut of candidates for few job positions seems more plausible.
The glut halved prices for fishermen in the past few years, to between three and four dollars a pound.
The result is a glut of people with advanced degrees, and a lack of cutting edge industries that can employ them.
One obstacle to a housing recovery is the glut of unsold homes.
Of the glut of books on the financial crisis, our correspondents suggest the few worth reading.
The glut has halved prices for fishermen in the past few years, to between three and four dollars a pound.
But with the improved methods of extraction, the price has fallen dramatically due to a glut.
Here's a neat twist on the glut of beautiful-but-impossible-to-read watches filling online stores these days.
But soaring marketing costs and a glut of art films dented the profitability and reliability of boutique divisions.
Economists should have been more worried about the housing bubble and a lousy allocation of capital from the savings glut.
But the industry ended up with a glut of beef and over the last few weeks more companies have offered their meat for sale.
The resulting glut caused poultry prices to drop by two-thirds.
Part of the point is to free art from the glut of material overproduction.
If investment rises, the savings glut will quickly disappear.
The fact that there is a glut of silicon this year is irrelevant.
The glut of shipping capacity has forced down rates.
LA's contentment glut had come as close as anything ever does in this town to reaching crisis proportions.
But that has created the opposite problem: a glut that has helped to push many electricity companies deep into debt.
Even though fewer houses are being built, the glut of unsold homes is growing.
They provided a glut of cheap, easy capital which fed the housing bubble.
Life has been tougher lower down the ladder, where credit is tight and there is a glut of unoccupied homes.
Thanks to stricter lending standards and a glut of properties on the market, house-building has slowed sharply.
Following the glut of games that release during the winter months, we're faced with a drought during the summer.
Environmental regulations, which many feared would cause a disposal shortage, actually helped spur the glut.
Thanks to a building boom in the past few years, there is a glut of cinemas.
One reason is a combination of stagnant demand and a growing glut of supply.
The glut of foreclosed homes creates a self-reinforcing cycle.
The glut of applications means admissions offices must deny an increasing proportion of students.
By all accounts, the global construction boom over the last five years has produced a glut of vacation homes for sale.
Falling opium prices, due to a glut on the market, mean that wheat is now a viable alternative.
At the moment, diesel is in short supply and there is a glut of fuel oil.
One difference from last year is a slight displacement downward in the glut of applications.
We live in a world where a glut of global capital sits next to screaming red balance sheets throughout the world.
The end of a year in entertainment always produces a glut of best-of lists.
The result has been a glut of barely distinguishable identifiers.
The same drugs cause a glut of extracellular dopamine at the synapses.
Dramatic advances in optical technology and a glut of fiber capacity make these cables uneconomical for telecommunications.
Look at ethanol: facing a glut and high feedstock prices.
If rubber recycling hits a glut, there may be little choice.
The glut of information makes ignoring the information that contradicts you, easy.
High prices cause a surge in planting, followed by a glut and market collapse.
Profits are shrinking, credit conditions have tightened, and there is growing evidence of a glut in capacity.
Such a glut will have serious effects on the economy, on national policy and on the future of higher education.
If any of six such cases succeeds, it could contribute to another glut in allowances, and another slide in the price.
There is a strong case for cutting public debt at a faster rate before the world economy's liquidity glut dries up.
The global savings glut is what drove interest rates down to historically low levels.
Automakers' no-interest financing offers have stimulated new car sales but also have created a glut of used cars.
It may have something to do with the glut of films about the war on terror.
It's also the home of the crêpe, a good many apple orchards and a glut of seafood.

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