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Some of the glue affected the paint, causing small blisters in places.
Wire, glue and tape fastened the fragile creations together, and backdrops of the heavens teetered against wine bottles.
Clumping is a community event and the conversations during the clumping are the glue that keeps us together.
The birds glue their nests hundreds of feet high on sheer cave walls.
Dip the wire into the glue, then insert the wire partway though the stem end.
Drip glue inside each dowel hole and pound dowels into place with a mallet.
Apply dabs of hot glue to ends of magnolia leaves, then tuck leaves in between fir branches.
And don't use a food processor on any potato unless you want glue.
While the adults mingle, let the younger set glue the pieces together.
Secure mementos or seasonal elements to backing with glue dots or tape.
Most paper recyclers can't process the glue that binds books along the spine.
Famous authors also miss the taste of envelope glue.
Scientists have succeeded in creating a glue with fickle stickiness.
The paint was covered by salt crystals and gelatin glue.
Carnivorous plants catch their prey in pools, glue and snap traps.
When small areas of the reflector get damaged, fill it in with plaster if needed and glue on some aluminum foil.
Self control is the glue of living together with other people.
Combining the baking soda with seawater creates a type of cement, the glue that holds concrete together.
Sumi ink stick is made from pine soot, vegetable oil, and fish glue.
In effect, they are the glue that has held these companies together and enabled them to grow over long periods.
The glue that holds the elements together into a speech act is the semantic intentions of the speaker.
Lift the bottom, cut the edge of the jeans top and apply hot glue around the side of the pot along the bottom edge.
Apply craft glue to the bottom of old game pieces or large beads to use as handles.
The solution turned out to be a waterproof glue made from cashew nuts and sugar.
Tell students not to glue the folded surfaces together until the illustration is complete.
Lift the top overlapping edge and apply a thin line of hot glue along the bottom edge.
Glue four small wood blocks to the bottom of the bin, at the corners.
Let the glue dry according to the manufacturer's directions.
Have students glue their maps onto larger pieces of construction paper so that there's a border of several inches around the map.
Using electronic or traditional cut-and-paste methods, cut out the flags and glue them into their correct relative positions.
With pictures facing out, glue the postcards to the top and bottom of the folded stack of paper.
Pour crafting glue in small soap containers and keep them for children in a craft area.
For instance, milk on cereal might be replaced with white glue.
Perfect for parents and kids to do together-no glue or solder necessary, and the plastic components snap together with ease.
Glue or draw a few exotic animals all over the costume, the more alien-looking the better.
Buy beeswax crayons and water-based markers, paint and glue.
It's as if the painting was attached to the wall with super glue.
Give each student half a picture and have students glue their pictures onto paper.
He is also moving his lashes and glue to the retail market.
He had paid a professional makeup artist to glue it to his face at a nearby hotel.
Over time, the glue that holds plywood together dries up.
Press the veneer down and release it several times to spread the glue.
Cut and attach the sides and roof for your camper shell first using glue and then sewing the braces to the wood.
Follow the directions on the package for the type of glue you're using.
Quite sensibly, there is more talk of the need to strengthen common glue so that differences can continue to flourish.
Some pretty bad stuff was used in the dye and the glue.
Citizenship is the glue keeping individual and state together.
Children are usually the glue that bind neighbors together.
The combination of heat, motion and pressure cleans recyclable items, even washing off labels and glue.
There is plenty of everything but no binding glue to make them together in sustainable manner.
Too poor to afford glue to dull the evening chill, they sniff fermented sewage.
It would increase income and wealth inequality and destroy the glue that binds the social fabric of society.
But as the glue that binds soldiers to their fellow citizens conscription is losing its hold.
Trust between government and citizens-the essential glue of a prosperous democracy-has been destroyed.
The team's problem is to design, build, and test a structure made of balsa wood and glue that will balance and support weights.
But making the glue required much more than simple mixing.
Enter polyvinyl acetate, which is the fancy name for carpenter's or bookbinding glue.
Some are simple and require no more than a craft knife and some glue, and others require drills or band saws.
It's even been developed as special glue for holding satellite components together in the harsh conditions of space.
It sticks without the need for any glue, and can flex and stretch without breaking.
It can be daunting to think that the core ingredients of that glue are shared by humans and prairie voles.
The skin for this dolphin was made of rubber silicon, the dandruff made of silver glitter glued on with water-soluble glue.
Created out of old typewriter and computer parts, the shoes were fashioned simply out of junk and some glue.
It's basically so that someone can't cut out the picture and glue it to an envelope to mail a letter.
The rest is used in an astonishing array of products--everything from clothing and glue to aspirin and fireworks.
For example, with fire you can purify pine pitch to make it more durable as a glue.
She's careful not to get glue on the thorax, which might cause the butterfly to entangle itself in the antenna wire.
Bit by tiny bit, incivility erodes the glue that holds us together.
According to him, this probably means that the rings were coated with a sticky glue to better ensnare their nematode prey.
Using a small drop of glue for each, glue them randomly over the surface of the balloon.
Take away the enemy, and you take away the glue that holds a coalition together.
That's the glue of society, of culture, the glue of intimate relationships.
More students are starting to use drugs and sniff glue at an early age.
Use glue dots to add bottle-cap noses and other details, as shown.
If necessary, stack multiple glue dots to even out hollows or dips.
If desired, cut and glue colored paper to line the box's interior.
Use a low-temp glue gun or other sealant to fill in around the holes.
Seal the side edges of the vase with fabric glue, leaving the top and bottom open.
Decorate the vase by adding smaller felt shapes with glue.
If you leave the bottle open, or let the glue get into the threads on the cap.
It might sound really weird to you, but finding bacteria that can form a glue is a great discovery.
Elmer's glue is made of a copolymer off polyvinyl acetate and polyvinyl alcohol.

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