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The blood glucose levels are then referred to as fasting blood glucose concentrations.
In addition, your brain requires two things to survive: oxygen and glucose.
But the breakthrough everybody is waiting for is a way of producing glucose really cheaply.
Scientists know that humans need plenty of a sugar called glucose to keep their brains functioning.
The water in the frog's cells freezes and is replaced with glucose and urea to keep cells from collapsing.
The relationship of calcium, arginine, and glucose to gastric inhibitory polypeptide augmentation of insulin secretion.
It is not clear why intuition is independent of glucose.
Plants also use glucose to make cellulose, a substance they use to grow and build cell walls.
Diabetes drugs help to manage the body's constantly fluctuating levels of blood glucose.
Significantly, it could also be used to monitor your own vital signs, such as body temperature and blood glucose level.
It measures how much hemoglobin has reacted with glucose.
Glucose syrup is a refined product, made from maize grains, which form only a small part of the plant.
Your body turns carbohydrates into a kind of sugar called glucose.
Your liver is so slammed, it's not sending enough glucose to your brain.
The lactose tolerance blood test looks for glucose in your blood.
Hundreds of these structures are found in every cell in the body, ceaselessly converting glucose into usable energy.
It breaks glucose down into molecules called pyruvate that are fed to the mitochondria for processing.
The fasting glucose tolerance test is the simplest and fastest way to measure blood glucose and diagnose diabetes.
These molecules are created as a side effect of the release of energy from glucose.
For me personally, interpreting my genotype is no more dangerous than the receiving the results of a home glucose test.
Traditionally, fuel cells work best with a refined fuel containing synthetic sugars, such as glucose.
The tongue craves sweet things because the body requires glucose for energy.
Baumeister reported on laboratory studies that showed a relationship between self-control and blood glucose levels.
It carries lots of other things, too, such as glucose.
It seems that glucose and caffeine together do more to enhance cognition than either does alone.
Those with high glucose in their blood did not live long enough to suffer complications.
Glucose prompts the pancreas to pump out large amounts of insulin, which drives blood sugar into the body's cells.
Unfortunately, glucose only shows up in the urine when it is too high, never when it is too low.
He suggested that the glucose could serve as a nutrient to support the growth of staphylococci.
After the animal is killed, glycogen falls apart into glucose.
Beta cells produce insulin which is needed to metabolize glucose within the body.
Also, drinks that contain fructose as their main sugar are too slowly converted to glucose to be useful in delaying fatigue.
The entire device is wrapped in a dialysis bag that lets in glucose and oxygen from body fluids.
Photosynthesis generates sucrose, or table sugar, which is broken down into glucose and the sweeter fructose during ripening.
Insulin, a hormone that regulates the metabolism of glucose, also crops up.
They are where glucose and oxygen react together to release energy.
It doesn't appear to depend on glucose, since sugar-free gum generated the same benefits.
Diabetics may someday be able to monitor their glucose without poking themselves to get a drop of blood.
They get that energy from oxygen and food, mostly glucose.
If you weren't in the field of glucose research, you might not know that the fastest way to innovate peace is to solve diabetes.
New catalysts convert glucose into a valuable chemical feedstock.
Indeed, scientists have already created experimental microbial fuel cells that can run off glucose and sewage.
Most cells in the body can generate cells from scratch, slowly building new cells from glucose and sugars.
Glucose is the brain's main source of fuel and provides critical energy for the cells.
Diabetes can affect how your body uses blood glucose, commonly called blood sugar.
Glucose is the brain's main source of fuel and provides.
But blood glucose levels taken before the subjects were shown images of food were the same as those measured after.
Nerve cells, also called neurons, get this energy by breaking down glucose in a long series of reactions.
It represents the percentage of glucose that binds to hemoglobin in red blood cells.
Her brain is certainly doing better burning on ketones instead of glucose.
Glucose-sensing enzyme in the cells, glucokinase, is the key molecule that triggers the beta cell regeneration.
The blood rushes to active areas to supply firing neurons with the oxygen and glucose they need for energy.
We need to allow ourselves to replenish the glucose that is lost during a challenging cognitive behaviors.
It also seems to make the body more sensitive to glucose, an important capability for keeping diabetes at bay.
Glucose will only show up in the urine once it has reached high levels in the blood.
However the cells cannot pull in that glucose without insulin.
When parts of the brain are activated, brain cells begin to metabolize glucose at an increased rate.
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