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Probably one would see the band of one's own galaxy, while the other one is medium bright diffusely glowing disk.
Their vivid shades mirror the glowing foliage worn by many trees this time of year.
And when she's in the space after dark, the chandelier lights turn the muslin a warm glowing color, she says.
Simply head to your local garden center and cast your eyes on the glowing array of marigolds.
Here are some of our jars filled with honey and glowing in the afternoon sunlight.
The letter led the family down a rabbit hole of hidden keys, secret compartments, and glowing boxes.
My fighter swoops left and right, dodging bullets and grabbing glowing capsules that give me extra weapons.
Along the back wall, coal hearths fire metal to glowing red-hot and white.
Her words were far from glowing, describing the food as salty and the dining conditions unsanitary.
Villagers brought water to be blessed, and plunged glowing incense sticks into it to signal the end of war.
Hundreds if not thousands of business books come out every year, all with glowing press releases and effervescent puffs.
These are interspersed with glowing news reports about the owner's family.
Or perhaps hotels have simply mastered the art of placing glowing self-referential reviews around the web without being busted.
Six years of glowing reviews, public accolades, and unanimous reappointment.
Bad letters of recommendation are anything other than glowing letters.
All it takes is silent complicity and a few glowing letters of recommendation.
The color scheme he used was tan on beige with animated stars glowing in the corners of each slide.
Dozens of earthworm species from all over the world can secrete a glowing slime, thought to startle predators.
The mysterious sky glows, which have nothing to do with normal clouds, could be seen glowing brilliantly late at night.
Mysterious, brilliantly glowing blobs of gas in the furthest reaches of the universe have finally been explained by astronomers.
The light from this glowing gas is coloured blue in this image.
Glowing bacteria provide the light source, which is surrounded by stacks of reflective plates.
Gal-Yam says that it is the radioactive decay of the nickel that kept the explosion glowing for months.
Thus if anyone had been around at the time, they would have witnessed space go from glowing to transparent.
Hardly a glowing recommendation concerning his ability to address the issues in this article.
But while the fern-seed is described as golden, it is equally described as glowing and fiery.
In the rear is the cabin, its misty windows glowing wanly with the light of a lamp inside.
The glowing banquet-room shone with wide-arched grace.
They won't alter your mind, but the new glowing mushrooms make even scientists sound a bit psychedelic.
People have reported seeing ball lightning-a rare phenomenon that resembles a glowing sphere of electricity-for hundreds of years.
People have reported seeing small, glowing spheres of electricity for centuries.
When a volcano erupts, a glowing sea of molten lava often flows down its sides, destroying everything in its path.
Glowing in the dark helps some living things survive.
Comets are chunks of rock and ice surrounded by glowing clouds of gas and dust that come from the outer edge of our solar system.
Comets are chunks of rock and ice surrounded by glowing clouds of gas and dust that come from the outer edge of the solar system.
As he opened the shutter, glowing rocks and lava erupted with a roar from the blazing crater and rolled down the slopes.
Scientists think the glowing feathers help parrots attract mates.
The microbes were later colorized to produce this image's glowing, green hue.
New stars are still being born, and they'll continue to sculpt the cluster's glowing form.
First, the flowers bloom in glowing yellows and oranges.
The two green glowing orbs are actually holes in the surrounding dust clouds, whose edges appear red in the image.
Whatever solution this has is unlikely to involve sweetly singing golden-glowing ghosts and people whispering about miracles.
The display of ready to lick popsicles reminds me of votive candles in a church, glowing in banked rows.
Thereafter the touch of every object would bring a glowing memory of how that object looked.
Our sharing of gossip, of research, even of sweet nothings has always bounced back and forth between glowing little screens.
The hot metal suspended in the heat of glowing embers was a way for people who couldn't afford an oven to bake nevertheless.
Red shows glowing hydrogen gas and ultraviolet light has been tinted purple.
Glowing leaves of sun-soaked lettuce are a beautiful contrast to the brooding forest colors in the glen.
The reality seems all the bleaker by contrast with the glowing expectations which students are now bringing to the university.
The new compound was inspired by a known enzyme that produces a green-glowing substance in the presence of the explosives.
Bring along a camera for shots of the glowing animals.
Although her voice tended flat for much of the night, it had a fundamentally lovely sheen, dark yet glowing.
At first, the screens were covered with glowing green dots.
The children of great writers are not given to glowing reminiscences.
Her tone has a distinct character, slightly darker than the coloratura norm yet warmly glowing.
She was wearing a skeleton costume, lighting their way with a glowing plastic pumpkin.
Much of their music is built from resonant, glowing major chords, but the band rarely creates beauty without sabotaging it.
Tensile linear and bold floral patterns overlie glowing, subtle colors, which dissolve the wall surface into deep radiance.
She could almost see the fireflies glowing among the leafy branches.
And, whereas the fireflies of years past seemed to go on glowing in your hand, these resolutely shut down.
Soon the lawn was spotted with the glowing necklaces.
But many glowing bacteria live freely in the open ocean, and they glow nonetheless.
Few molecules have a reputation as glowing as that of oxytocin.
The team did not set out to create a glowing monkey.
If so, it is undoubtedly a meteor, a fleck of space rock glowing white-hot as it races through the upper atmosphere.
Although it's not a profuse display, half the meteors leave glowing trails.
The green-glowing microbes are then easily detectable against the dark background.
The intravenous chandelier sends light streaming through his body until he is something radiant and glowing in the bed.
Interspersed within the glowing gas of nebulae are lanes of dark dust which can give nebulae their dramatic appearance.
For many of us, a suntan conveys an instant illusion of glowing health.
Oh, it might get a lot of glowing lip-service, the way positive campaigning and unity politics do.
Its finer points made themselves apparent in the glowing yet decisive manner that is politely imposed by a good vintage.
There's something that's completely transparent about her, a glowing quality that's quite striking and delicate.
By the end of the day he was beaming, glowing with energy.
On each of her next two annual reviews, she earned a one, with many more glowing remarks.
Ben returned to the table, his face glowing with agitation.
All the instruments and experts agree that there are often painful pitfalls on the rigorous road to glowing health.
And everywhere, he paused in wonder at big, glowing jukeboxes dispensing their industrial light and magic into the darkness.

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