glowering in a sentence

Example sentences for glowering

Glowering archenemies and their hunchbacked henchmen.
There was much silent glowering between the two principals and lusty vituperation between their lieutenants.
Another piece, depicting an owl, disturbed them by seeming to stare with one glowering eye.
The superpowers used the intervening years to build their nuclear stockpiles and menace each other, glowering across a distance.
Pumpkins are carved into glowering jack-o'-lanterns.
In the roadhouses and gas stations in which they stop, the glowering ruddy-faced patrons glare at them in silent contempt.
Glowering with a lupine ferocity, he is already involved in petty theft and talks continually about making a quick buck.

Famous quotes containing the word glowering

They all see you when you least suspect. Out flat in your p.j.'s glowering at T.V. or at the oven gassing t... more
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