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Their device works by focusing pulses of laser light on the tooth, causing it to glow and release heat.
They can compost an elephant, fertilize an oak forest or light up the oceans in the eerie teal glow of bioluminescence.
Their energy causes certain elements in the ink to fluoresce, or glow.
Also making the target reflective would make if glow on radar.
But new neurons that glow are no good unless they have function.
What you're probably thinking of are glow plugs, which are used to heat up the cylinders in cold conditions.
By the glow of a small carbide lamp one could distinguish a dozen human figures gathered around three or four tables.
The glow enters into his fingers, making them green, and he turns to us and laughs.
It has the enchantment of a bank after hours, of a honeycomb emptied of honey and flooded with a soft glow.
It must have lasted-that faraway glow, that spot of shimmer-some three or four minutes.
Around the city, garbage dumps steam with the combustion of natural gases, and auto yards glow with fires from fuel spills.
Even the air has a pale-green cast: the moisture suspended in it picks up the pervasive glow of the verdure.
Back to the drafting table: under revamped plans, a refurbished sign will glow again from atop the remodeled refinery.
The instruments glow in a warm light, telling the strange story of the airplane's motion.
Typically, light therapy involves sitting in the glow of a light box which emits a spectrum of light mimicking daylight.
He had a singular way of creating a mood with light and shadow, and he fills this painting with a glow from a window.
Still basking in the glow of military and electoral triumphs, the president has done in haste what he knows he can get away with.
It undoubtedly gave her complexion a becoming rosy glow, but cosmetics would have been easier.
And they are still basking in the glow of newly won freedom: their sense of pride and patriotism is overwhelming.
But the glow of political triumph was to be short-lived.
Some products to help you glow in the chilly months.
The long, long rectangle of a room has a glow, and so does everyone in it.
Californium is only slightly radioactive, so the toy train did not glow green after its ride in the fusion reactor.
The laser shoots up into the sky and excites atoms in the upper atmosphere, causing them to glow.
Within hours, a few spots begin to glow bright green.
The disk is surrounded by a fuzzy glow, which would be the collected light from billions of stars above and below the disk.
It overwhelms fainter objects, and in bad cases even the brightest stars, reducing the glory of the sky to a washed-out glow.
Objects at human body temperature glow at those wavelengths.
In fact, that radiation is what is causing the nebula in the background to glow in the first place.
It's also a bit odd due to the fuzzy glow at the bottom.
The red glow is characteristic of hot hydrogen, and is a sure-fire way to know that gas is being excited by the stars nearby.
Fuzzier shadows--cast by a hand held over a table, for instance--translated into a vague, eerie glow.
But right now it's warm enough to glow and be detected by us.
It is particularly impressive at night in the glow of colored lights.
Everyone knows how fireflies got their name, but many people don't know how the insects produce their signature glow.
The blobs glow brightly in visible light, but the sources of immense energy required to power the glow remained unclear.
Monster-size squid that glow in the dark have been filmed for the first time in the wild.
Once large areas of the picture turn white the remaining areas take on an otherworldly softness and glow.
When the core is exposed, its radiation heats the ejected gas, making it glow.
Thicker chunks glow emerald green, bejeweled by algae.
Today its white dwarf-the hottest known-is giving off intense ultraviolet light that makes the surrounding stellar debris glow.
People were drawn to the glow and began to set up camps there.
The timing was perfect to catch the effervescent glow that early sunrise creates and that these cacti are famous for.
Electricity arcs among the layers, ionizing the air and making it glow.
For a limited time, you can make your new toy even more annoying by choosing the limited-edition glow-in-the-dark version.
But then, the heating element inside turns cherry red, and in short order the edges of the briquettes start to glow.
The sun now displays several active regions that flicker and glow as the star slowly spins.
Do a job for someone else, and glow in the satisfaction.
The glow was tremendous and doesn't quite translate.
Most of them would be oddly shaped, and at night they would glow from within.
But even when you don't travel, you can still keep that vacation glow alive.
Have you been told lately how warm your eyes are and how they softly glow with the special nature of your soul.
But the glow could indicate a reflection of light off the blood vessels on the animal's retina.
If you can see its eyes glow then it's probably chemo- or bio-luminescence.

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