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Wear rubber gloves or hold chiles with the tines of a fork, then trim with a small, sharp knife.
Too-big gloves are clumsy to work in and are a menace to the bees.
Emily suggests putting on gloves and rubbing the seeds heads together over a bucket.
Sailing gloves protect your hands, and white rubber-soled shoes keep you from slipping.
If no one else can perform the task, wear disposable gloves and wash your hands with soap and warm water afterwards.
Wear gloves while doing so to protect yourself as well.
The florists were using solutions heavy with metals, no gloves, numerous cuts on their hands.
My favorite flowers, tulips, produce an irritating sap-a reminder to wear my garden gloves when planting bulbs.
She wore a miniskirt, fishnet stockings, opera gloves to her elbows.
His tattered gloves are missing fingers, and the pastel chalk leaves them stained.
Those gloves look only marginally protective, given those sweet little toenails on the kittens.
The odd-year song teams can wear colored gloves, while even-year teams stick with white.
Dropping the gloves at an academic gathering is a common, though undiscussed component of scholarly life.
Buy many scarves, hats and gloves, especially if you have a tendency to lose them.
Wear nylon gloves when putting them on and you'll rarely snag or run your hose.
Hats, gloves, emeralds: these were props for a role she seemed born to play.
Decked out in their hats and gloves, they saved several dozen plantations and historic homes in the area.
As a result, the driveline must be redressed every day using sterile gloves and gauze.
For hands, special electrically conductive gloves are a possibility-but they would have to be put on for the occasion.
If she is, he leaves his hat and stick in the hall and also removes and leaves his gloves-and rubbers should he be wearing them.
He was standing, hat and gloves in hand, but before departing he felt disposed to throw off a few more intellectual phrases.
But it was tricky to judge distance in the alien landscape, and stiff spacesuit gloves limited how fast he could work.
If you put on your gloves, only your right hand fits into your right-hand glove.
Panicked by the idea of infection, she declined invitations to family outings and wore gloves, even in midsummer.
There was a time when only debutantes and boxers wore gloves indoors.
Comfortable two-tone jersey work gloves are great for multi-purpose use.
Even with thick ski gloves on, you can confidently start and stop recording by feel.
Wearing protective gloves, peel away shells from chestnuts while still hot.
We rinsed out surgical gloves and filled them with water, tying them closed.
Which brings us back to the machine and the people in the full-body protective gear and three pairs of gloves.
He put on a set of rubber gloves to hold each of my fingers.
The stewardesses in navy-blue suits and white blouses and gloves were in their early twenties and uniformly pleasant-looking.
For a period of about three weeks nothing was safe: hats, boots, gloves.
From kayaking to ice-climbing, whenever you need waterproof warmth without any loss of dexterity, wear these socks and gloves.
From kayaking to ice-climbing, whenever you need waterproof warmth without any loss of dexterity, wear these gloves.
Protection for hands acting as weapons, gloves are used in both boxing and mixed martial arts matches.
Natural cleaners made from common kitchen ingredients are safe to use without rubber gloves.
In gloves, the favorite trick is to put tailored metal initials up the outer side of the cuffs.
Meanwhile, we'll be eying our gloves, waiting for some dry ground for a game of catch.
It would be three rounds, no gloves, at the conclusion of which a winner would be declared.
Then everybody put on polyethylene gloves and began touching.
Most of the scavengers had closed shoes and some kind of headwear, but only a few wore rubber boots and gloves.
Nor did they have what one would need to clean a toilet-disinfectant, a scrub brush, gloves.
She was wearing latex lab gloves, so she didn't think much of it.
So put those gloves back on, we're sitting at laptops.
They had no problem at all attacking before the gloves really came off, when the appeal was largely based on fact and reason.
So when the cabin abruptly depressurized, all of the astronauts had their visors up, and several had their gloves off.
Researchers must wear three layers of gloves to protect the samples.
We both donned gloves and the nurse gently pulled back the bedsheets.
Elbow pads, knee pads, and work gloves shielded them from tactile clues.
The gloves are never used while the chamber is under vacuum.
He will put on his hat, his gloves, and make again order.
When his test subjects touched something with the gloves, they felt an equivalent pressure on their heads.
His hands were soft and white, and he wore gloves whenever possible.
She is thoroughly swaddled in a full-length coat, high boots, fur hat and long gloves.
Any researcher who wishes to handle them must wear three pairs of gloves to prevent contamination.
There are gloves available that can protect workers from any of these individual hazards or any combination thereof.
Long gloves that extend to the middle of the forearm are recommended.
When cleaning up vomit or diarrhea, gloves are your best protection.
Make way for the great big gloves, and maybe another great big controversy.
It always would have been soft suede gloves, and for the evening a long white glove over the elbows.
Grace pulled back her hair and pulled on her gloves.
If you have to take the subway or the bus, wear a mask and rubber gloves.
In the center of a cheering ring, two soldiers pummeled each other with boxing gloves.
The detective who came to my house picked up the letter and envelope wearing rubber gloves and dropped them into an evidence bag.
There were emergency workers and medical staff wearing rubber gloves, bringing out bloated bodies.
The lunch was superb, served by the butler in white gloves.

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