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It was not a drop of sweat so much as a kind of semi-gloss.
The notebook also comes with a gloss screen, which may annoy some users in a brightly lit room because of the reflections.
While people may not consider us charlatans anymore, they probably think there is still too much show and tell and gloss.
Children are less inclined to gloss over the unpleasant aspects of life: they're fully engaged.
Even then, it must be said, not everyone put such high gloss on the group.
Radio long ago lost its shimmering, high-tech gloss.
But the piece's unpretentious storytelling style allows us to see and hear things that might otherwise get lost in the gloss.
Time and place are compressed, and filmic conventions may gloss over details that have consumed your research hours.
One semi-permanent coloring option to keep in mind is getting a clear gloss.
But that means you do have to gloss over the fact that you didn't get a little more done.
It's not a perfection or development or gloss on mine.
He also seemed to gloss over some of the real challenges that colleges and universities face with regard to resources.
Still, he does not gloss over the seamy side of his episodes.
These objections conveniently gloss over some of the realities of the media business.
Even where the parties do share broad aims in foreign policy, the gloss of bipartisanship tends to dissolve on closer scrutiny.
Claiming that democracy supports such a decision only adds a mischievous gloss to an unjustifiable position.
Behind the gloss, not everything that glitters is gold.
But when its presented in court, it's often presented with the gloss of science.
For all the chic gloss of this vast gallery, this show has an intimate feel.
One that does not gloss over the awkward truths and damning inconsistencies of the world.
The photographs must be printed on standard photographic paper with no gloss on the reverse side.
Pack moisturizing shampoo or conditioner, body lotion, face lotion and lip gloss.
True humility alone could discover the snare which lurked under the specious gloss of holy charity.
Common grackles show a clear, abrupt division between the gloss color of the head and body.
With regards to plumage gloss, but this is variable.
It was serious indeed, but few critics at the time could see past the gloss of publicity to detect the object of value.
When that many people gloss over things in your post, chances are you didn't make things clear enough.
What you can buy, if you're of a mind, is a set of lip gloss.
The director is famous for his schmaltzy endings, but in this case the sunny gloss seems nothing short of parody.
Its overall look is rougher, with less chrome and gloss, and more dirt and ash.
What separates them is their particular gloss on what's wrong and how they propose to fix it.
Will flood the slope with lip gloss brought to boil.
In his first effort as a stage director, he fashions a high-gloss night-club revue.
The book features high-gloss, close-up photographs of images from the natural world on pages opposite the verse.
Sound bites tend to gloss over vital details, and not everything can be adequately covered by a bumper sticker.
Science has something to say about the efficacy of lip-enhancing behaviors such as gloss and colorizing.
The misconceptions generated by medical shows are definitely among those that are too big to gloss over but it is a fine line.
Vaccine promoters tend to gloss over the effect of plumbing and improved hygiene in bringing infectious disease rates down.
The new gloss of consumer-culture lifestyle luxe isn't wall-to-wall, however.
Charges of corruption often figure prominently too, giving an otherwise ugly transfer of power a gloss of legitimacy.
He takes a second step which is a gloss on the first line and completes the linked couplet.
They have struggled to illuminate, and sometimes to gloss over, the dark places in his life.
Too many caps to be retrieved at the bedside of indiscretion, too much of a gloss.

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