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These are the glory days of public-health awareness.
Those glory years depended on specific historical factors conductive to heavy industry, such as proximity to mines and waterways.
The second floor, once the main reception room of this wealthy merchant's home, reveals faint traces of its former glory.
The academic race for glory and prestige will intensify, though with no necessary connection to academic worth.
The plan promises to be the biggest shake-up of the space program since the glory days of the moon landings.
Fossils show that in its glory days it had the wingspan of a crow.
She was readying it for an edible garden tour so it was at its full glory.
In the glory days of the dot-com start-up, even a student job can sometimes bring sudden wealth.
Those were, without my knowing it, the glory days of the well-paid and well-read respected personal essay.
Get a taste of life, land, and culture in this nation still influenced by its ancient origins and medieval glory.
Click the image source to see the whole thing in its glory.
It has recently been restored to its former glory and features top-rated performances.
The retaining wall is wrapped in welded wire mesh and covered with morning glory.
The blind pursuit of glory clouds any clear thinking or conscience.
There's no money at stake, and precious little glory.
It was a baseless fear: last spring, they came through in all their glory.
Therefore these spacecraft go out in a blaze of glory while they are still command-able.
Here are four quick recipes that show off milks, both plain and flavored, in all their timeless glory.
Yet even at the time, there were whispers that the cadaver brought home in glory might be the wrong one.
There is a common misconception that the glory of science is allowing all ideas to be discussed, regardless of merit.
The nationalistic glory days of space exploration should be over, already.
The birth certificate in all its long-form glory has been revealed to a panting public.
It is so true the editorial glory days of this venerable publication are long past.
The pursuit of knowledge for the benefit of mankind ought not be messed up or tarnished by individual glory.
On the battlefield they inspired terror, harvesting heads and glory with their swords.
The money shot comes about two minutes into the teaser, when an extraterrestrial is finally revealed in all its creepy glory.
Everyone thought he'd go out in a blaze of glory attempting some impossible feat.
Yet the funky fish wharf lives on in olfactory glory.
Thankfully, there are a few tips, tricks and hacks you can use to re-live your gaming glory days once again.
The megacity tries to juggle its storied past and its plans for future glory.
These upcoming events celebrate anime in all its saucer-eyed glory.
Both armies went in as though they knew it would be their last leap at glory.
If such a system can be found and implemented, it will not be done by looking back to past glory and imaginary causes.
The photograph does seem to capture the abject glory of it all.
They are the crowning glory to this dish, so resist any temptation to skip them.
There was no glory attached to finding the second ripe mango.
Underneath, images come to life in the full glory of their three dimensions.
The quest for the last undiscovered particle of orthodox physics has an aura of glory and pure truth to it.
All three of these existed in the glory days of illegal music pirating.
Learn from experienced friends, and share the glory.
Metal's commerce with the lower realm has been extravagant, ridiculous, and covered in glory.
The point of work was not to create glory for the country.
For jazz finds its last and supreme glory in the skill for improvisation exhibited by the performers.
He is not real enough to pull down the trappings of his former glory when he falls.
His driving ambition for military glory was redirected to business success, which he pursued with singular purpose.
Thus have modern medicine-and modern justices' fondness for their power and glory-transformed the meaning of life tenure.
If you are a true believer in the glory of the market, the work might be invigorating, and the long hours a mark of pride.
Later they were privatized, returned to the original owners, but they have not recovered their earlier glory.
Among these, there is one sort of folly to which war is especially well suited: the lust for glory.
It denies that it is glory enough to serve under any chief.
Acting because of one's personal plight or to achieve glory are not pure motives.
However, someone has to win and remain imprisoned in the illusion of glory.
He did not need much persuasion to abandon the reporter's life and join the executive chase for glory.

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