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Cerritos cannot boast a glorious history, old money or natural beauty.
It was once thought that light pollution only affected astronomers, who need to see the night sky in all its glorious clarity.
Most of the time, however, it was pretty glorious science.
Add to this the almost vertical body, with tail extended in line, and glorious blue legs and feet.
The twilight was a glorious gold, fading to a cool blue-gray.
On a temporary stage a succession of speakers talk about the country's glorious history.
The author did a glorious job getting me into the book.
And, similarly, a large deficit might also be motivating if you think you've got what it takes to stage a glorious comeback.
Well, he took streetcars to work and raised chickens out in the backyard as a hobby, a remembrance of glorious things past.
It's equal parts glorious invention and absurd annoyance.
It appears, however, that he will give up this glorious opportunity for destruction.
The food photography and even the sound editing are glorious.
It cannot be simply a long footnote to the glorious career of your adviser.
But the loss of this glorious bird would steal some of the world's wonder.
We have four glorious seasons-each one unique and beautiful.
It was a glorious concert, and for a while it was impossible to think about anything other than beauty.
It is a cultural collaboration that echoes the glorious history of the caves-and may help ensure their survival.
Louis is a movie about life's glorious mundanities-from making ketchup to taking a trolley ride.
It was alternately glorious and tedious, fulfilling and demoralizing.
Simply a glorious morning for dawn color, not a cloud in the sky nor a breath of wind ruffling the water.
The light continuously changed, painting the mosques and the clay-tiled roofs in shades ranging from drab to glorious.
Although this article paints a glorious picture it lacks history.
It must have been watching me make my last landscape photos of the glorious day.
It is for this reason that the setting of the sun, in all its glorious shapes and colors, is an event to be revered.
The past decade, however, has not always been glorious for the school.
They designed a grand city, with glorious buildings.
All its glorious parts, laid out for your eyes to behold.
Musicians imagining a strange and glorious future were steadily replaced by those who endlessly romanticised the past.
Medical profession is less glorious than it seems from outside.
He flatters and appreciates them so much the reflected light makes him all the more glorious in the mirror.
The result is a glorious blog full of insightful notes and video shorts.
The stump of the once-glorious dome is now covered with wooden scaffolding.
Certain deaths may be deemed glorious, but not when they are so obviously preventable.
Cecily finished her glorious triumph some days after them.
It will have a life that will be short and glorious.
Rulers of other realms might content themselves with displaying carved or painted images of their glorious ancestors.
The bakery also features a lunchroom with a glorious garden out back.
Soon ready but superbly balanced, they should have ft long and glorious life.
That's the glorious future of energy and transportation.
My grandfather's grave turned into the light, and the dew on his weedy little mortality patch was glorious.
There is a glorious open-air lobby to beckon the public inside.
Each has made visually glorious, conceptually seismic pictures.
In glorious detail, he described a game system he designed for swimming pools.
Reviews of the series haven't been quite so glorious, though, with the films largely derided as trite and cheesy by critics.
There was something glorious in the one, there was nothing glorious in the other.
The effort allows a tremendous amount of data to be grasped in one glorious, mind-blowing space photo.
It is no small feat for any writer to succeed in painting so sensitively this vast, glorious, and awful canvas.
So many reputations and careers are at stake that glorious victories are guaranteed.
Glorious-until the easy conquest gave way to a long and painful insurgency.
He believed his dog was too glorious for a small stage.
Besides, the beaches are glorious, the climate is balmy and the mountains are dramatic.
If you think the notion of fighting zombie monks sounds incredible, it's even more glorious than you think.
And it remained a sensation for months as the tomb's glorious contents were slowly made public.
They were at the height of their ride, and it was plenty glorious.
Their future may be bleak but their past is altogether more glorious.
In the last two decades, glorious scientific and technical achievements have altered our lives forever.
Towards a glorious new leap forward into secular sharia under a one world government, or something.
Exotic places, glorious sunsets and moonlit nights add to the magic of starting your new life.
It's a glorious morning in my transcontinental railway journey.
And as a result, the glorious overture of the show was overwhelmed by hoards of people trampling through the theater.
Fruit pies, cobblers, buckles and crisps are made for the glorious sweet fruits of summer.
The beautiful foliage ablaze with glorious colors of fall enhanced the attractiveness of the two-day event.
Paradise is famous for its glorious views and wildflower meadows.
In winter and spring, the foothills are clothed in a glorious array of wildflowers.
The exterior fa├žade and much of the interior was repainted, including the glorious vaulted and domed ceiling.
More significantly, what for whites was a means of exclusion was transformed by blacks into a glorious principle of inclusion.
For those who want to connect or reconnect with others, social-networking sites are a huge, glorious honeypot.
But now the once glorious airlines will be lucky to survive.
He often draws these pictures, re-creating his glorious fights.
It was then when spiral galaxies and the other glorious formations that define the modern universe appeared.

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