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Example sentences for glorify

All that effort, all that time, all that money and all to glorify our continuing dependence on fossil fuels.
He lives to glorify the human body and appall the bourgeoisie.
The results are here, in painterly images that neither glorify nor vilify their subjects.
There is no week that this newspaper would not glorify them.
In horticulture there are a handful of ardent souls who exist solely to glorify a certain species.
And the nation can longer afford to glorify its leaders blindly.
These are prints that glorify the subjects and give them a magical aura.
Guru, a former caseworker, is troubled by both violence in the streets and those who glorify it.
But his escape route from these horrors seems to glorify the medieval mind-set, leaving me somewhat terrified.
We trust that his motive is to show people the foolishness of violence rather than to glorify it.
The photograph and story do not glorify violence in any way.
The state has certainly not done its part to glorify the profession of teaching.
It does not simply extol or glorify its subject as monuments so often do.
The aim is to glorify the hidden world that fuels the food chain upon which the more conspicuous players rely.
Contact merchants and request that they not sell items that endorse or glorify graffiti.
The fair did feature historical exhibits, but they generally served to glorify the present day by comparison.
But for some reason, especially the past couple years, the local media has tried to glorify the anti-umbrella mentality.

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