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Despite the glorification of science, the marketplace sets the value and the price.
The oeuvres aren't the core of our researches anymore, but a mere pretext for self-glorification.
The media's glorification of celebrity pregnancies doesn't help things.
He conflated freedom with unfettered markets, and his legacy was a glorification of private wealth over the public good.
Juggling the twin melons of societal progress and self-glorification, its leader chose to let the first one drop.
Kaplan's glorification of military values is also disturbing.
Blacks, who were recruited by the university primarily as athletes, experienced both glorification and resentment.
But an exhibition is by nature a glorification of something, and it is a different vehicle from a dissertation.
Both were torn between self-expression-even self-glorification-and utter self-erasure.
The third thing is the increasing glorification of gun possession and use.
His early glorification of history is also unfortunate.
There needs to be a redirection away from glorification of violence.
So the glorification of his voluntary homicide is bad.
Rather, it will solidify the unquestioning glorification of the war.
Hip-hop runs on self-glorification, the transformation of underdogs into self-invented legends.
The glorification of cold cash over human decency and other human values has demeaned us as people and as a society.
The response should be conducted in a manner that avoids glorification of the suicide victims and minimizes sensationalism.
New freedoms without responsibility lowered standards and led to the glorification of radical extremism and violence.
The hallowed ground seemed to cry out for physical preservation and glorification.
The glorification of pimps in hip-hop culture has also contributed to the problem.

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