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Some parts of life seem dark and gloomy, while others are bright and colorful.
Dark pictures and gloomy forebodings are worse than useless.
Others live in the murky shadows of nondescript neighborhoods and the gloomy light of urban nightclubs.
This is the kind of book that romance fans will read and reread on gloomy days.
Almost no restoration has been done to the temple; it has been swallowed by jungle, creating a quiet, gloomy atmosphere.
Fight off gloomy days with a colorful garden.
Despite his dark turn, he remains adorable and well-groomed, even as a gloomy loner.
It's cold and gloomy, as nature rises like a slow tide against human constructions.
The morning court session quickly turned from cheerful to gloomy.
It's getting downright gloomy here.
Intended to be poignant, the story is only gloomy.
It's a gloomy time in the e-publishing business.
But this time the signs—many in the past few days—are consistently gloomy.
As tense as wire, these scored lines convey not only a gloomy atmosphere but also the anxiety and grief of the event.
Friends and family of people with depression may feel that their loved one has been replaced by a gloomy doppelgänger.
But mainly my trepidation is fed by a gloomy certainty that that sore hand will lag through the opening bars.
It remains to be seen whether his famously gloomy prediction is truly wrong or merely postponed.
In that sense is an gloomy invention, and an extension of bullying from the individual to the social level.
But among all the gloomy prospects, the current situation may offer an opportunity.
Despite the gloomy talk about the academic job market, a lot more hiring has been happening than many people think.
However, the gloomy picture on education should not be surprising.
But she linked the accolades to national challenges, some of which sounded gloomy.
Nevertheless, they loved gloomy literature, perhaps especially at the time of year when long nights kept them indoors.
Negativity is a client who's somehow been transformed into a reflection of his gloomy personality.
Cold and cramped, receiving no sunlight all year, the alcove would be an extremely gloomy place to live.
There is no escape from this gloomy scenario as long as the authorities persist in their current course.
His doctrine is based on a gloomy view of the future.
Between the bitter halt in negotiations and the onset of the picket line sniffles it had been a fairly gloomy week.
Say you're in the grocery business, and feel gloomy about your prospects.
It was a wet, gloomy day, perfect for ghost-spotting.
Usually tacked to telephone poles or stoplights, bandit signs are gloomy but reliable indicators of our collective anxieties.
That's partly due to my gloomy sensibility which has little room for happy endings.
Everything was kind of gloomy and nothing really worked so good, paintings and life and the money.
Though still penciled in to pitch, the weather was not cooperating and the forecast was gloomy.
It's looking ugly for holiday toy sales, thanks to tighter wallets in a gloomy economy.
Home builders remain gloomy as index dips to match record low.
They should not be too gloomy: the immediate future is bright.
Businesspeople are a bit less gloomy, and some companies are hiring.
It does, though, bring up a pair of somewhat gloomy insights.
Gloomy lectures on climate change are packed, and copies of heartening books on how to turn greenery into gold are in much demand.
Yet for all the gloomy fascination that surrounds ageing, precious little research has been done into its causes.
And from the wood-top calls the crow through all the gloomy day.
The evening sunbeams had set the dust to dancing in the gloomy chapel when he arose.
No longer are they a gloomy precinct of silence to be become a center common.
While the news is gloomy, there is still an opportunity for the nation to change directions.
There is a bright spot in all of this gloomy fiscal talk.
More than two years after the official end of the recession, consumers remain incredibly gloomy.
Gloomy as this scenario is, there are signs that it may not be gloomy enough.
As he sat in the gloomy lab, watching neural signals dance in green light across an oscilloscope, he noticed something strange.
Experience with other environmental problems gives the lie to this gloomy view.
Unfortunately we've had nothing but gloomy, cloudy skies for the past few weeks.
While doing so you prowl through some gloriously detailed, beautifully gloomy factories and labs and shattered cityscapes.
Environmentalists can be a gloomy bunch, but they're also realistic.
Some places look more miserable under a blazing sun than on gloomy days.

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