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Our faculty engage in research and scholarship that extends around the globe.
It's versatile and found in cuisines throughout the globe.
Circular shapes echo the curve of the entry garden, the round stock tank, and the stacked-stone globe to give a sense of unity.
Scholars gathered to discuss how a unique combination of human traits helped our species survive to colonize the globe.
We walk on two legs, carry around enormous brains and have colonized every corner of the globe.
They are more aware of issues that span the globe and many of them are interested in working to make positive change.
Indeed, virtually everywhere around the globe real bond yields are unusually low.
Ask them if the globe shows the same state features that previously viewed maps did.
In general, the farther north one lives on the globe the more common seasonal depression becomes.
The app also includes a globe view allowing users to hear other performances from around the world.
Two scientists have linked climate variations to the collapse of societies around the globe.
My guess is that this due to increased sanitation and better medical advances around the globe.
Paint the continents and oceans on the globe and label them.
Answering that question could hold the key to developing a survival strategy for the world's coral as the globe continues to warm.
Now a number of them span the globe right from the beginning.
Take these four questions and apply them to a map of the globe.
May his spirit guide future navigators around the globe.
Show the students a wall map of the world as well as a globe.
Beehives are quietly buzzing in cities all over the globe.
It's a major festival that draws half a million bikers from across the globe.
The first local outbreaks could then quickly fan out across the globe.
Its globe-shaped fruit, which ripen to golden brown in early fall, can weigh more than a pound.
The feeling of driving inside a snow globe was thrilling for the kids, a little scary for the driver.
Owl clover and globe mallow dress to the nines for the prettiest time of the year.
Second: the large, globe-shaped sculpture at the intersection of the main path and a side path.
It has beautiful globe shape to the cactus itself, which would contrast with the vertical grooves in the pot.
To see this place on a globe, one must lift it upward to expose the underbelly of the planet.
Computer viruses are now airborne, infecting mobile phones in every part of the globe.
Mining copper and other elements needed for electrical wiring and transmission also causes globe-warming pollution.
The question is not whether the globe is warming or cooling or if the climate is changing.
It's a problem that in one form or another is being played out all over the globe.
Flying bots rule the skies in combat zones around the globe.
Copper's excellent conduction of electricity and heat means that it is used not only to cable and pipe the globe.
Unlike national boundaries, linguistic boundaries should form only in the valleys of his colour globe, never over the hills.
For the past three years, while profits have surged around the globe, capital spending has remained relatively weak.
Soaring commodity prices are pushing up consumer prices across the globe.
And the more he globe-trots, or is seen to be dealing with world affairs, the more his popularity rises.
Few realise that the hookah itself is stealthily kippering the globe.
The diffusion of new riches around the globe has helped the top end of the art market.
Globe-trotting managers are never sure they will catch their flights.
Yet in all this intellectual globe-trotting the gurus have sorely neglected the secrets of one of the world's great economies.
There are extreme measures occurring all over the globe to silence the outcry against nuclear and its atomic lies.
As the globe spins and switches from one viewpoint to another, it can even induce vertigo.
First, the surge in commodity prices-in particular for food staples-pushed up consumer prices across the globe.
Across the globe governments have, rightly, stepped in to counter the economic slump.
Another crucial factor may be the existence of large fund-management firms, whose portfolios are diversified across the globe.
Previous attempts had considered only small regions of the globe.
Globe-trotters can experience flavors that go far beyond the standard chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry.
Printed on a special material that ensures the details never wear off, this globe is a virtually unbreakable masterpiece.
Hold up the globe, and have a student volunteer pretend to be the sun.
See our grantees' exciting archaeological discoveries across the globe.
The label will record, release and promote modern music from around the globe from a variety of artists and genres.
Show the students an outline map of the world as well as a globe, and ask them to identify the areas that are covered with water.
It happened across the globe, at different times on different continents.
Meteorologists observe the effects of dusts and gases as they burst into the atmosphere and sometimes travel around the globe.
Basically, models simulate how the atmosphere and oceans absorb energy from the sun and transport it around the globe.
Explore the farthest corners of the globe-without ever leaving your desk.
He brought to his readers an up-close look at the globe's many war-torn regions, often at great personal risk.
Great research universities have vast abilities to distribute knowledge across the globe.
Poverty is shamed and persecuted all over the globe.
Possibly this is that part of the globe where everything is right, for there must certainly be some such place.
His habitat was a house that floated around the globe.
He has traveled the globe and knows many of the world's top chefs.
One stumbles onto them here and there in globe-wandering, but such restaurants and inns are not to be considered here.
It infiltrated millions of computers around the globe.
Thousands of languages and dialects are spoken around the globe.
Writers in every corner of the globe have always told stories of relationships among people, or among peoples and their gods.
The waves formed in the narrow strait issued into the oceans east and west, and started on their journey around the globe.
Eco-efficiency is now considered by industries across the globe to be the strategy of choice for change.
The event became a symbol of a warming globe, but it also presented a sudden opportunity.
Heavier, colder air rushes in below and sets the winds in motion, gusting energy around the globe.
Similar studies by other scientists have since shown that facial expressions across the globe fall roughly into seven categories.
Each of these receivers resembles a skeletal globe formed by two intersecting copper loops mounted together on an aluminum block.
With a new, easily transmissible swine flu already circling the globe, scientists are understandably nervous.
These markers can be traced to relatively specific times and places as humans moved across the globe.
The firm takes proper pride in its teamwork, its expertise, and its tentacles of alums in powerful positions all over the globe.
Life expectancy is increasing around the globe, too.
Technology has shrunk the globe and stretched our lives and our minds.
Sugarcane is one of the major crops around the globe.
Scientists across the globe are looking for ways to make new antibiotics.
What is the fascination with spreading your thoughts, your image, your self all over the globe.
In fact, the economy of the wireless networks is becoming so rough to many operators around the globe.
After all, the main pay dirt won't be found by studying small populations but by understanding the larger groups around the globe.
Oxidation via sea salt and golden globe affects the spasms muscularly in the colors zones perhaps of the blackened sea of space.
The need of a constantly expanding market for its products chases the bourgeoisie over the whole surface of the globe.
As has been said, he recommends accommodation with each of them, by dividing the globe into well-defined spheres of influence.
Three years later he was back at his research and literary work, and he lectured around the globe.
They sail the globe bearing such names on behalf of a grateful country.
As the globe warms, more than the climate is endangered.

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