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Many of the coffee and sugar cane plantations around here have collapsed, done in by the forces of globalization.
The book was fascinating -it gave me a whole new perspective on the nature of higher education in a time of globalization.
The benefits of globalization are spread unevenly.
Nothing keeps away the juggernaut of globalization except war and disease.
The Web would be globalization taken to the extreme.
The idea applies in particular to cities bypassed by globalization.
He's the face of globalization.
Free trade and globalization are great things in abstract theory.
Human society's globalization comes with costs and this is simply one of them.
They say globalization is a catastrophe for the poor.
Plus, there's the globalization that allows bee-killing disorders to spread rapidly and easily.
Globalization, free market and large scale production would change.
These beliefs reflect the ways ideas and explanations have been blended here-and elsewhere-in the face of globalization.
Globalization is nothing good, in fact, the only people for what globalization is good are the bankers.
It would have been easy to have it accomplished by now, given that globalization has become more prevalent.
Globalization has made this more of a problem for developing countries.
Globalization is the connection of different parts of the world.
We're not really paying the true price of what it costs to produce items and that's sort of the unfairness of globalization.
Due to rapid globalization, people buying and selling marine life-forms can travel almost anywhere in the world within a day.
In addition, rapid globalization is forcing students to open their eyes to the rest of the world, he says.
Welcome to globalization and productivity gains rendering you redundant.
And he is forthright about the potential downsides of globalization.
It is also well within the special responsibility of higher education to educate the public in issues related to globalization.
Globalization and interdependence are as ubiquitous to education as they are to economies and politics.
Those made giddy by globalization believe that a more-connected world is a more-secure world.
Still, there are inevitable bumps on the road to higher-education globalization.
Areas of specialization are globalization and immigration.
One way or the other, continued globalization remains high on the list of what scholars predict the future will bring.
Today, that mission is applied to an era of rapid globalization.
As a result of globalization, large family firms could increase their size and their geographic range.
The globalization of goods and capital really mixed too many things together.
The currency war is already started and it threatens to stop the globalization process.
And the cliché argument of fighting against globalization.
Globalization makes us rich, everyone here knows that.
Globalization, in some cases, doesn't loosen up the ties of a brand to a nation or certain geographical area.
Western nations who are able to manage their global connections and craft their economies around globalization will win.
We will need a new, global social consciousness before globalization can truly shine.
Services are pretty much local, but globalization exerts a downward pressure on wages in manufacturing.
Globalization has distorted the allocation of resources in favor of private goods at the expense of public goods.
The belief that a process of globalization is underway which is bringing about a fundamental change in human affairs is not new.
But that is irrelevant to such a step-by-step development as globalization, based on practical trial and error, not theory.
In an age of globalization, parochialism is at a discount.
Globalization requires that one be simultaneously omnivorous and discriminating.
Most people think the biggest threat to globalization is mounting economic nationalism and trade protectionism.
She is an anthropologist at a community college and chairs the local globalization study seminar.
But, as has been much noted, the agent of globalization proved vulnerable to its vicissitudes.
The twin revolutions of globalization and information are remaking economic and political structures.
While this was a film about the everyday effects of globalization and progress, it wasn't a polemic about causes.
Here's why: the answer ranges from the challenges of globalization to the vagaries of executive compensation.
Globalization and the rise of the financial industry may also be partly responsible.
Due to the rapid increase in ship-borne trade, globalization favors large navies that protect trade and tanker routes.
There is nothing in this movement that is against globalization.
All of these are the attributes that combine to form that much discussed phenomenon: globalization.
Globalization, growth and poverty: building an inclusive world economy.
However, at that time billions of people worldwide had still not joined the wave of globalization.
Describes how globalization and climate change affect the spread of invasive species.
Globalization, cultural as well as economic, has advanced beyond transcending former centers to discountenancing them.
The globalization of the financial system creates its own problems as well, since who is responsible for what is not always clear.
We are in the post-cold war era, and our calculations are affected by the laws and needs of globalization.
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