globalisation in a sentence

Example sentences for globalisation

Globalisation is the more or less simultaneous marketing and sale of identical goods and services around the world.
Sceptics charge that globalisation especially hurts poor workers in the developing countries.
Yet beneath the bandages, globalisation is thriving.
Globalisation is entering a new phase, with emerging-market companies now competing furiously against rich-country ones.
Despite the boom, globalisation is one of the hottest issues around.
From there he was an early observer and commentator on the phenomenon of globalisation.
There are many components to the globalisation of art.
Globalisation has vastly increased the opportunities for such business.
The world today is embroiled in an economic turmoil caused by the globalisation process.
But already a second phase of globalisation was starting to take shape.
But when it comes to globalisation the professors have trousers and cattle aplenty.
Globalisation, he notes, has been critical to the rapid growth of emerging markets.
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