glitzy in a sentence

Example sentences for glitzy

While this is all a polite and glitzy gesture, many see it as a way of covering up problems that plague the city.
And unlike the glitzy casinos, greyhound tracks offer a sad world of sticky escalators, grubby walls and horrible food.
The government is trying to change that, with glitzy advertising campaigns and scholarship programmes.
Not to sound rude, but you really need to test this software before you start marketing it with glitzy ad campaigns.
The hub of the interior of the ship is the main lobby, a soaring, glitzy space that's home to live music daily.
The stark nine-story brick exterior does little to prepare arrivals for the glitzy marble-and-chandelier interiors.
Palm trees and pools, glitzy shopping and nightlife by the sea shape our fantasies.
They can also build a glitzy, sophisticated web page.
Be leery of online programs that have glitzy advertising focusing on how easy and fast it is to earn a degree.
It's going to take the feds to come out with glitzy evidence-based stuff.
It's a great one, perfect for the modern world, because it's glitzy and high-tech.
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