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Example sentences for glitz

Don't let the glitz of this year's bowl games fool you.
Under the glitz and glamour, looks really are everything.
Greg will be relaying all the glitz, glamour and barking going on during the celebration.
At times that telling of stories goes along with glitz and flash and high powered special effects and stage shows.
The scenes at industrial conferences and the sordid backroom deals taking place behind the glitz are remarkably convincing.
It is not only old folk who are flocking to the global capital of glitz-a boom attracts migrants of all ages.
And as long as that's the case, no amount of modern media glitz will make one whit of a difference.
She's the one with the striking corn rows but no in-your-face glitz.
Not the old-fashioned type, where celebrities are bused in by the gross to glitz up a rally or other political event.
Aside from the glitz and glamor, there's a reason so many people visit this city or move here to be part of the action.
Gone are the number of theaters, ice rink, the glitz.
In the slender towers and gentle curve of the cable, the eye sees no glitz, no decorative obstructions.

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