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Anyone who pans for gold hopes to be rewarded by the glitter of colors in the fine material collected in the bottom of the pan.
All the holiday glitter out there is fun, but don't overlook the magic in the natural materials around you.
Which usually goes to glitter buildings or administrative salaries.
The sequins on her dress glitter in the candlelight as if her heart were on fire.
Serkin made the same music glitter and dance and nearly giggle.
The salon has bubblegum pink walls and sundry girly accoutrements-chandeliers, glitter, beauty supplies.
The skin for this dolphin was made of rubber silicon, the dandruff made of silver glitter glued on with water-soluble glue.
Salt crystals on the wood glitter in the light of her headlamp.
And the teams that do bring a lot of glitter with them.
Decorate the ornament with glitter, felt, buttons or other recycled objects attached with thread or fabric glue.
All are valuable to the archaeologist, but it is the glitter of gold and silver that lures the treasure hunter.
But still nothing had prepared me for the flash and glitter of it all.
But the episodes glitter under a treatment and a style to the last degree allusive, sparkling, felicitous.
Huge investments can yield disappointing returns if promising mines turn out to contain less glitter than predicted.
Some sprinkle albino powder on the walls of their narrow pits, hoping for glitter.
The social benefits of all this glitter are elusive.
The country's economic future may be less dazzling than before but that glitter turned out to be fool's gold.
Visitors who want to avoid the glitter of a casino hotel or prefer a more economical option have a number of choices.
It featured glitter, ashes, severed limbs and crazy costumes.
Look for stickers, glitter or accessories you can paste on in colors that match the logo.
Kids have an interactive section where they can create spin art using glitter, glow in the dark paint and neon paint.
Beneath the gilt and glitter, it has been transformed into a fantastically unpredictable space.
We were terrified, because you should have seen the diamonds and jewels and glitter on the sugar-plantation wives.
He cracked my game open as if it were worthless, all glitter and no substance, self-absorbed flash and style.
There was nothing to take away from the glitter of that sign.
No other section has its glitter and glamour, its cachet and chic.
Don't be fooled by the glitter of pyrite: it's fool's gold.
Natural colors and materials combined with shades of white, champagne gold, silver and glitter evoke nature and a snowy landscape.
The ceramic lamps have liquid-filled globes that become warm and the heat moves the glitter inside.
The candles were sold in green, red and white with gold glitter and leaf designs.
Ask students to observe the movement of the tornado and the glitter.
Glitter and the use of copyrighted brand names or images are prohibited.
The animals on the outside also featured inset jewels that would glitter when caught by the light.
The purses' flaps contain two bright colored liquids, glitter and decorative foil confetti.
Try this again and use some decorative elements such as colored thread, glitter, dried flowers and leaves to add some flair.
The shoes have a pink rubber sole with silver glitter incased within it.
At the time she was wearing an olive green t-shirt with an unknown design in glitter, white shorts and brown slip on shoes.

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