glitch in a sentence

Example sentences for glitch

Service was nearly flawless, the only glitch being a busboy who failed to bring more butter when additional rolls were offered.
The glitch cascaded, preventing air traffic control computers nationwide from communicating.
The so-called glitch occurred five times for each student.
And it withstands subzero temperatures without a glitch.
If that's the case, the courts may not look kindly on the omission, and that glitch could turn into a nightmare.
Please tell me that this is some sort of unholy glitch and not a change in policy.
Defibrillators were twice as likely to suffer a glitch.
Indeed, this may be the first buoy in history that had its launch delayed by a software glitch.
Later, a mechanical glitch keeps the adrenaline flowing.
There is a glitch, and the message goes to her dean or chair, who didn't know she was applying for jobs.
The only glitch in the fun was a broken hind leg that prevented the wolf from defending himself properly.
Yet a sense of excitement that something really big could actually be underway overshadows every glitch.
The wait may be a bit longer because of the glitch, by the new arrival date seems auspicious.
Sorry about the double posting, there was a glitch in the system.
Contamination from local sources or a glitch in the iridium-counting machine could have explained the finding.
We found the problem, fixed it and had not a glitch.
No disasters, but there was apparently a tiny glitch with one of the collimating magnets, which has now been fixed.
It is aimed at fixing a glitch that could cause power brakes to become extra difficult to apply in sustained low temperatures.
Even if things go well, a glitch-free games seems unlikely.
Thanks to a software glitch, the second column failed to appear on the website.
Take a look at the picture to the right, and notice the small glitch in the pattern.
Hopefully this is a startup glitch that the site will work out soon.
Computer makers stumble through a glitch-filled week.
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