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Example sentences for glint

And through the gloom of the forest, one can already catch the glint of the bond-raiders sharpening their swords.
The walls glint gold in the late afternoon, as waves or particles of light scatter off the ancient bricks.
Well, maybe there was a little manic glint in the eyes.
And some have nothing more than the glint of sparklers.
Hold a candle under the greens, and there isn't a glint of oil.
The murals of the marble and granite lobby were restored, and the stainless steel eagles and spire regained their glint.
For the blind, there is a glint in the darkness: the possibility of artificial sight.
He was elegant in white papal robes and red cape, with a characteristic glint in his world-famous eyes.
And that glint of trouble is probably what has scared distributors away.
In the dim light they could see the glint of gold everywhere.
One eye was milky white and sightless, but the glint in his good eye was enough for two.
Yet there are moments when the visible glint of gratification becomes unmistakable in the white teacher's eyes.
For a week they waited, scanning the horizon for a dust-tail or the glint of a windshield.
Across the river, the corrugated-iron roofs of a prefabricated barracks glint in the midday sun.
The horses were stumbling on the slippery rocks and the mules had that mean glint in their eyes-but then, so did we.
Then it cleared and a glint of sunlight revealed rows of white teeth.
They glint with a steely resolve when he thinks of a way to prolong the lives of his ailing kids.
There is a cruel glint in his eyes, a sneer occasionally on his strong mouth and he is always searching for trouble.
Nearly four days after their sinking a pilot happened to look down at the ocean and catch the glint of an oil ship on the sea.
But from the glint in his eye, it's clear that he isn't exactly disappointed.
We recounted our stories to others because in the telling came a solace, a glint of understanding, some stab at resolution.
When he gesticulates, his watch and monogrammed cuff links glint in rhythmic display.
Add a glint of metallic, and an allover damask pattern dances in the light.
Hot sunlight can't help but glint from a bumper and produce a faint reflection of the windshield on a garage door.
Three crystalline liquor bottles glint in the sunlight refracted by a chrome lamp.
Their fins are satiny turquoise and sometimes have a gold glint.
Ideally bright white glare would develop on film as a white glint.
The near infrared video stream of driver faces is processed to segment the eye image containing pupil and glint features.

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