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Example sentences for glimpse

Walking from the train to his office, down the stifling streets, Avery caught a glimpse of her reflection in a store window.
It presents an often-confounding glimpse at the inner soul of foreign cultures.
Call me an amateur, but I'm still not over the wonder of catching a glimpse of the world as it was perhaps 600 million years ago.
The unremarkable suburban ranch Wendel calls home offers no glimpse of his executive-level salary.
And gives the world a glimpse of all.
Just a glimpse of her will change his life, he thinks.
It also may provide the first glimpse of a planet in the making.
Here's a glimpse at that work, with a few images produced by the ten largest ground-based optical telescopes.
But it is only ever an angle, a tantalising glimpse, which reminds you of how much you are not seeing.
The hike into a several-hundred-year-old tunnel of hardened lava gives you an inside glimpse of a volcano's power.
Displays of treasured and found items give guests a glimpse into your life and remind you of your history.
Even more remarkably, for two decades they were unaware this arresting glimpse into their lives even existed.
On the other hand it's a glimpse of a possible future in which science has solved a fearsome problem.
But today, a visit offers more than a glimpse into a patrician family's private playground.
The biologists have their binoculars out frequently, to glimpse birds flitting by.
If you manage to see anything besides a mob of other people, you will glimpse the bulls for about three seconds.
He well remembers his first glimpse of a building designed by his great-granduncle.
Researchers get a rare glimpse at life without fright.
Medical books from centuries past give a glimpse into bygone studies of the human body.
When the scientists got a glimpse inside, they found a plethora of filter-feeding organisms lining the cavities.
Scientists may soon glimpse the universe's beginnings by studying subtle fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background.
Perhaps there is a glimpse of an explanation here why some people can eat more than others and nevertheless remain slim.
But the new data provide a glimpse at the importance of other sources, too.
As such, it provides a rare glimpse inside the world of cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing.
Those moments are memorable precisely because they give students a glimpse of us as people-as opposed to professional educators.
Athletics conferences double as academic peer groups, and give a glimpse into the pecking order among research universities.
The profile of his reading and his engaging responses to the questions give a glimpse into an intellect with few boundaries.
Catch a glimpse of their ambitious show in shots from various venues.
Visit the school's three galleries, or glimpse artists at work in the studios.
For the glimpse of a release that may be somewhere still in sight.
We are not vouchsafed any glimpse of their progress through the world or of the development of their minds.
As she did so her visitor moved quickly, so that she got but a glimpse of a white object disappearing behind the table.
We travel into foreign parts to find his works-if possible, to get a glimpse of him.
The shout died into a murmur, as one portion of the crowd after another obtained a glimpse of him.
The idea of which she had caught a glimpse a few moments before now loomed large.
They half thought so at home when they caught a glimpse of it in my letters.
At last the groom appears at the top of the stairs, a glimpse of the bride behind him.
For a glimpse at how the army thinks of itself, this book has value.
Catching a distant glimpse of a star professor is not the same as being taught by him.
Glimpse the golden age of piracy through the eyes of those who shared the sea with the saltiest dogs.
We may be able to get a glimpse of what happened before the big bang, thanks to a new study-but only a glimpse.
My article tried to look below the surface of modern production agriculture and provide a glimpse of how it really operates.
It also provides a glimpse into his personal life, which makes it all the more interesting.
The moment the once-upon-a-time lover catches a glimpse of his own hatred, something precious and fragile is shattered.
We strafe the branches with our headlamps, hoping for a glimpse of flashing eyes.
We scan them for a glimpse of mollifying holiness, and get instead a cruel drumming upon this world's emptiness.
In the gallery below, get a glimpse of species and regions that may be threatened by climate change.
While questioning some aspects of the recommendations, the article offers a glimpse into their history.
The prints thus provide a glimpse of these early theropod dinosaurs as they ate their meals.
The result is a year-by-year, day-by-day, and sometimes even hour-by-hour glimpse of these children's lives.
Another movie offered a glimpse of an alternate universe, shown in pink, before the observer met his end at the singularity.
Still, the glutamate system can give us a tantalizing glimpse.
Last year scientists got a glimpse of what goes wrong and how it might be fixed.
The third will be extremely lucky to have a glimpse.
My first glimpse of the country was of serene, empty patches of farmland below.
During the camp tour, a live fire exercise provided a firsthand glimpse of some of the army's artillery capabilities.
It is only when you ask the question the third time that you begin to see a glimpse of an affirmative answer.
You've caught a glimpse of it in one line, one phrase, or the emotional idea that's come to you.
Last month, it offered a glimpse of its concept electric scooters.
These papers provide the first glimpse at what the rewards could be.
It was admittedly a timid effort that suggested the barest glimpse of new media's potential, but it was something.
But a day in the president's shoes offers a glimpse of the size of the challenge.
They wanted to feel the turf under their feet, to steal an up-close glimpse of the players, to place a hand on a sweaty jersey.
His monthly column provided a glimpse inside high society, and captivated readers.
They were met by a mad crush of people who were trying to get a glimpse of the lovers.
His case gave a glimpse of what might have been, without the bluster by two sides that refused to yield.
He caught only a glimpse of her before looking irritably away, but then felt as if he had wronged her in some way.
Only when giving him his insulin shots does she catch a glimpse of the life left in him.
Towering bamboo plants block any glimpse of what lies up above.
We'd yet to glimpse his rages, and his accent was less mobbed up, almost refined.
But the images also allow us to glimpse the destruction in a relatively benign environment-books are not people.
Large windows allow a glimpse of the murals from the street, but this is as much of the building as the public will ever see.
Through the bare woods, you can glimpse a whitewashed brick house with blue shutters, and an attending squad car.
Hers is the only smile that allows us a glimpse of teeth.

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