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Example sentences for glimmer

The sparkle of a lover's secret or the glimmer of a promise kept.
But those who discern an opening for a more hopeful future, even a glimmer of outright resolution, have always been proved wrong.
Most of the life on this planet gets by without even a glimmer of it.
To even get a glimmer of the mirror effect in life is beyond normal comprehension.
Low-budget horror films occasionally show the faintest glimmer of talent and are praised out of all proportion to their merits.
The last glimmer of sun embraces her as storm clouds roll in.
Forever looking for a glimmer of difference that can be interpreted as bias.
The glimmer of utility on the horizon are things called quantum dots.
And yet, despite setbacks and constant self-vigilance, both could finally begin to see the glimmer of another possibility.
Let's try to envisage a glimmer of light somewhere on the horizon.
Deep-fried until dark gold, it betrays not a glimmer of oil.
There is the faint and amusing glimmer of a large zipper sewn improbably into the blanket.
But in this case you don't trust the markets because you have a glimmer.
In all his letters there is not a glimmer of professional jealousy nor a word of belittling criticism.
But such a glimmer soon fades, and the darkness thickens round us again.
Her injured brain was functioning at such a low level that the normal rich glow of activity was barely a glimmer.
While those around her are busy being zany, she plays it straight, with a deadpan glimmer in the eye.
Yet there it is, the incident forever recorded, one small glimmer of the saint's vulnerable humanity.
It must be animated by a glimmer of spirit, experience, desire.
From newer pewter to traditional silver and gold, metallic accents give spring accessories a glimmer of nighttime glamour.

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