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He pictured red-robed monks gliding about, lost in thoughts of nirvana.
Finally, the poem ends where it began, with a registering and a gliding away.
Larger birds stay in the air by gliding on air currents.
There are fewer than ten species of these snails gliding across the oceans.
Migrating monarchs conserve energy by gliding on updrafts of warm air called thermals.
Gliding above a fish, the ray stuns it with a jolt of electricity.
The wind gusts against your face, your body gliding smoothly against a backdrop of fuzzy blue and gray skies.
Professional guides escort riders wearing headphones so they can listen to the guide's presentation while gliding by each site.
From the boardwalk, visitors can view manatees gliding by.
Some will enjoy gliding among the dramatic cypress, and viewing the aquatic life in the clear waters close up without a guide.
Perfectly groomed, perfectly behaved dogs and humans striding, gliding and prancing their way around the show ring.
Then your canopy will open for a four- to six- minute gliding parachute ride to the ground.
Indeed, early insect wings may have functioned in gliding, only later allowing the creatures to take to the air.
Fascinated by the graceful gliding of these mammals with.
Between the articular processes of the two bones there is on either side an arthrodial or gliding joint.
Gliding over a sea of dreams to a haunted shore of song.
Well, that is unless you count powered flight or gliding.
Wings probably began as protrusions of the insect body: lobes that gave extra gliding stability.
When the melody changes the sound comes to a full stop, instead of gliding from one song to the next.
But infections or other disorders can mar its smooth, gliding surfaces.
Lying flat with his head in the transparent nose cone, he felt as if he were gliding and not in a craft at all.
Some early bat fossils suggest that they may have shifted from gliding to alternating between gliding and bursts of fluttering.
Gliding, by almost any definition, is not a popular sport.
Ridge soaring is the way of gliding that allows higher speeds since a pilot rarely has to stop and climb.
They had the good fortune of clear weather and an uncrowded road within gliding range.
In getting a license you practice dozens of times essentially turning the engine off and gliding the plane in.
Gliding off down the fast lane in a sports car, stopping to fill up with thirty litres of petrol.
And on the other, he's a mellow fellow gliding smoothly up the corridors of power, or happily puttering in his garden.

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