glider in a sentence

Example sentences for glider

Maybe a reasonable high-to low glider, which would suggest pouncing on birds that are on the ground.
The largest bird that ever flew was an expert glider but was too heavy to fly by flapping its wings, researchers say.
The paradise tree snake is one of the smaller flying snakes and the best glider.
In theory, this sea glider could travel for thousands of kilometres on voyages that could last for years.
He did speculate it might be possible to fly it as a glider.
After ground school, you will have a pre-flight orientation and pre-flight, an inspection of your glider.
The fact that it is a glider means nothing at all, because there's so much speed and weight behind it.
The glider will bounce off the end of the track and rebound reaching a stable speed before colliding with the first glider.
The glider pilot appeared to be having some difficulty staying in position behind the tow plane.
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