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But they glide quickly over the fact that modern aquaculture is at an early stage of development.
Characters glide smoothly through scenes viewed from shifting, dramatic angles.
Without a smooth surface to glide over, the jet encounters friction and slows down.
But the astronauts lightly glide along the surface, kicking loose dirt around.
Glide overhead, travelling onto milder climes: if they look down between shared clouds, see nothing.
The vanishing-edge pool creates the illusion that it could slip from its moorings and glide away.
Ice occasionally forms during the winter, and maybe the rocks glide about locked in ice sheets floating on shallow water.
Sparkles of light dance off a lagoon, and snowy herons glide over the wetlands.
Pre-fly lizards began to glide first--perching is a modern physical capability as pointed out in the article.
The best seem to glide through the air from the waist up, but their feet are a blur.
Meanwhile they glide out of the harbor, and the breeze plays among the ropes.
Then they popped the fish into a wind tunnel to calculate their lift-to-drag ratios, sometimes called the glide ratio.
It will later be dropped from the plane to test its ability to glide and land.
He also says that the craft should be able to glide to a landing if the power fails.
It remains to be seen where that glide path will end.
Then, have that drone deploy several smaller surveillance drones that glide to the ground and collect data.
So, their innards do slide into their throat, but it's a controlled glide.
Squid are used to gliding in the water, so the same physiology probably allows them to maneuver and glide in the air.
Cartilage is the firm, rubbery tissue that cushions your bones at the joints, and allows bones to glide over one another.
Glide into the feature story this photo was originally taken for.
Flying squirrels glide, extending their arms and legs and coasting through the air from one tree to another.
Some grew special skin flaps that let them glide through the air.
The astronaut said he used a push-and-glide motion similar to cross-country skiing when he was on the moon.
They glide stealthily through the night air as they search for food.
Spotted deer glide through the filtered shade, stopping abruptly when a troop of macaques shriek an alarm call.
Fantastical scenes glide by, composed of ever-shifting geometric forms and textures.
The outflows may seem to glide gently in the videos.
Paddle through whitewater rapids surrounded by sea caves or glide on pristine sea waters and encounter dolphins or penguins.
Lessons include ground school, training on a simulator and a tandem glide.
Staff harness guests onto zip lines, allowing them to glide between platforms suspended among the treetops.
They seemed to glide unerringly through the nearly three years of his presidency, with its constant domestic and foreign crises.
Drivers on their way to the track glide through the crowd signing autographs.
Though the sharks accelerated less while descending downward through the water columns, they didn't glide as predicted.
There are also movement parts that give creatures the ability to sneak and jump and glide.
He determined that the creature was long-necked, used its wings to glide, and had curved feet that suggest it lived in trees.
Once he was over the hump of the hill, he let the cycle glide.
As an occasional vehicle slowly skirts the town's commons, bundled bicyclists glide by silently.
Two more divers arrive and glide into the middle of the circle, carrying with them long white drums full of dead herring.
Watching the two bright dots glide silently across the sky is a surreal experience.
Others suggest that the stroke originated in trees, to help dinosaurs to glide between branches and control their descent.
Superbly trained waiters and waitresses glide effortlessly through the aisles serving up selections from a gourmet menu.
They emerge together and glide down to their positions at the head of the table.
And it's endlessly frustrating watching a putt glide toward the hole before making an abrupt left turn, to certain triple bogey.
Glide path variations reflect the preferences of the individual investment manager.

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