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Example sentences for glee

He's wearing a rather smug smile although there's no glee or pride in it.
However, the team can barely contain its glee over pictures of two other stars.
And there seems almost to be glee in the way people spread it.
And both have recently experienced technical milestones that made researchers squeal with glee.
But the rest of the world's aluminium producers are hardly rubbing their hands with glee.
In the common television room, where sports fans gathered to watch a game, he wielded his device with secretive glee.
But glee turned to glum this week as markets retreated around the globe.
But the subject is prompting more controversy than glee.
But there were hints even amid the glee that the truth was murkier.
Then everyone will take great glee in disproving your results and cite you at every opportunity.
Day that the kids were allowed to launch their own pyrotechnics, and they accepted the responsibility with great glee.
The few times he took me to school with it, all the boys came out and surrounded the car in adulatory glee.
Upon sensing our hesitation after a noble initial taste, our host grabbed all our portions with glee.
Glee's sophomore season started off strong with a snappy, fast-paced episode focused on reestablishing the status quo.
He took the rags used for packing, wrapped himself up in them and ran along the pavement dancing with glee.
Along with the vagueness of the plan, this is why financial markets did not react to it with much glee.

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