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Example sentences for glean

But at this point, it's hard to glean much from the fundamentals.
When the other side is speaking, you can glean valuable information.
It makes the restaurant's great pleasures that much harder to glean.
Therefore, to better understand what a protein does, scientists have to glean its structure.
This is not information, of course, that viewers glean from television commercials.
However, an intelligent reader will glean the important information from this possibly-biased article.
That means pretty much anyone can access it, and glean the data.
You need to decide what you're trying to glean from the market and choose the appropriate index for your needs.
This study should help investors glean valuable new insights from conference calls.
To glean up the scattered ashes into History's golden urn.
They are left to glean what they can from chance utterances.
The results will help researchers glean information about the mountain's subsurface structures.
Employers may be able to glean that you're looking to jump ship by your frenzied online activity.
Thousands try to glean what they can from his thinking processes and track his investments.
They also glean the weather from publicly available websites.
It also tries to glean demographic information about who is commenting.
From these studies researchers have been able to glean a few basic details about bioluminescence.
And now scientists began to glean details of how the virus initially enters cells.
What's mind-blowing to me is how much information scientists can glean from a tiny sampling of photons.
Sure, it's fun to swing and slide, but after a while there's not much new to glean.
It's written for the non-gamer, so readers of this blog probably won't glean too much news from it.
As recording companies try to glean new profits from their archives, every holiday season now brings an outpouring of boxed sets.
Their goal is to glean enough data to be able to predict where the capricious killer winds will strike.
What enduring understandings the students will glean from taking this course.
Bighorn sheep glean maximum nutritive value from plants of marginal quality through a complex nine stage digestive system.
Western bluebirds rush forth from perches to capture flying insects, and they also glean snails and earthworms from the ground.
The bat can catch prey in flight, or may glean forage from vegetation and on the ground.
It catches insects while flying, hovers to glean them from foliage, and occasionally captures insects on the ground.
Finally, all the molecular hits and misses can be warehoused in a database, where other researcher scan glean time-saving tips.
Blue-gray gnatcatchers eat insects and spiders which they glean off foliage and occasionally catch while hovering.

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