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Example sentences for gleaming

Stylish teenagers flock to the gleaming mega-mall, watched by shirtless beggars crouched in gutters.
Earlier this year, a gleaming new pedestrian bridge near the old town was unveiled to much fanfare.
It was adorned with gleaming white limestone buildings, terraced gardens, and ritual baths.
Soon the old lunch wagon was carted away and demolished, replaced by the gleaming diner.
His camera swoops through and around gleaming gears and flywheels, levers and pulleys, pistons and locomotives.
Since my father's time, the campus has been transformed by gleaming buildings, but its nuclear legacy remains.
Even the rest rooms are special, all gleaming white porcelain and staffed by uniformed attendants.
We see only a few quick birds, as well as some fragrant shrubs sheltered by gleaming white chunks of granite.
That's the problem with exploration-one doesn't always find a gem or a pristine artifact gleaming on the seafloor.
Further on gleaming ranks of cars await their vessel.
There is a huge gleaming copper still occupying part of the space, where he is now producing fine fruit brandies.
Gleaming but empty airports are built in places represented by powerful politicians.
Panelists agreed that behind its historic facades the town had lost its soul to ranks of gleaming slot machines.
The empty eggs, gleaming in white light, resemble beautiful little sequins.
Alas, this apparently gleaming economy had built-in obsolescence.
We could see long rows of sharp teeth and the eyes gleaming at the sight of new prey.
If you squint, you can see the first gleaming of this cyborg scenario.
The gleaming gold piece was warped, and a portion of one side had been buffed smooth and engraved.
The whole thing looks as if it were machined from a huge block of gleaming steel.
The cobbled streets were gleaming from the last few rays escaping the clouds.
World traders occupy gleaming new hotels that modernize the colonial capital.
But they also illustrate its blending of science and art-the gleaming artifacts rival works of sculpture.
The presidential palace, which became a worldwide symbol of the devastation, remains a gleaming heap of concrete.
Sails raised, colors gleaming, they round up prey.
Pincers poised and eyes gleaming, a bulldog ant surveys its surroundings.
But outside the yurts, there now stand gleaming new motorcycles and even cars.
All affected villages and cities are now rebuilt with modern infrastructures and gleaming greener and better planned residences.
Oil is stored in gleaming modern depots while water stagnates in concrete dumps.
The narcissism that once awed the world with its leather shine and gleaming enamel has let itself slide.
But later, when she faced the machines alone, their cryptic symbols and rows of gleaming knobs terrified her.
First, because it's really beautiful-struck in gleaming gold.
The potter burnishes the surface with a polishing stone or cloth to produce a gleaming surface.
Today, surfaces once dark gray are again gleaming white.
Her left hand holds a torch, gleaming with gold which represents the light of civilization.
Dark clouds loomed over the festival's gleaming white pavilions.

Famous quotes containing the word gleaming

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Spindly branches of buttercups were secreted among gleaming stems still moist at the roots from last night'... more
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