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Example sentences for gleam

Yesterday's memories may sparkle and gleam, tomorrow is still but a dream.
Research with human embryos is not a mere gleam in the eye of medical science.
Little waves played with the sun, sometimes throwing a gleam into our eyes.
Still, he dealt with drug addicts on a daily basis, and he'd spotted the same demonic gleam in my eye.
And his eyes gleam as he ruminates on the related business to be gained by purchasing a hotel chain.
Cars parked on city streets have an unnatural gleam.
The exquisite illustrations gleam with gold embossing.
Heaven be praised for this gleam of national sunshine.
The metallic gleam and ornate decoration carried over to the music.
There is not much color in this technique, no hint of gleam or brilliance in the sound it produces.
The gleam of these fake badges is often enough to trick unknowing civilians.
In his hand were mallets, and in his eye was a gleam for the right pieces of junk to transform into concert-worthy sounds.
The centerline of one slot between the slabs would have picked up the first gleam of the rising sun at the summer solstice.
There are no graffiti, not much litter: the houses gleam.
They thought they could see through the shimmering gleam of the new mathematics.
If some of the gleam has worn off his distinctive tenor sound, the voice is strong and pure.
His improvising has a rigor that makes it gleam with intelligence.
Those hollow and weary eyes take on a gleam of light.
The gleam of light that streamed out of the doorway glowed for a moment on their flushed and jovial faces.
He sets off at a near run across the briny floor until the gleam of a thousand tiny, luminous eyes pulls him up abruptly.
The pine tables and floors gleam in the morning sun.
Light pours through a many-paned picture window, and the puddles in the alley gleam.
Thine alabaster cities gleam, undimmed by human tears.
The gleam in their eye speaks of no desire to go beyond the spirit they have already been given.
The white gleam of plaster casts and bandages was everywhere.
Around us, plankton causes the water's surface to give off a gleam of eerie phosphorescence.
Howe smeared the walls with oil so they would gleam.
The laughs are still coming, but the old gleam is gone.
Artists are supposed to have that mad gleam in their eye.
Baseball may have its modern ballparks, its architectural wonders, its parks that gleam in the sunshine.
His face was the face of a student, thin and ascetic, but his eyes had the cold gleam of the fanatic.
Words he coined gleam upon more than one page of today's dictionaries.
There's no sun-blackened face, no foot-long bush of chin-grizzle, no insane gleam of horror about the eyes.
The shower project started as a gleam in several eyes.
Now, the same boards that several generations have two-stepped, jitterbugged and hustled across gleam as if new.
So yes there is a lot of information that you can gleam from the geologic map.

Famous quotes containing the word gleam

There will be better days when I am gone And healing pools where I cannot be healed. Fragrant stars will gleammore
And, indeed, is there not something holy about a great kitchen?... The scoured gleam of row upon row of met... more
For some, bottles of liquor gleam like the towers of Eldorado.... more
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