glazing in a sentence

Example sentences for glazing

Even with double glazing, homes with large windows can heat up in hot summer months.
After glazing, cakes should stand over night before dipping.
The back of my studio is dedicated to my kilns and a glazing area.
Double glazing is a good choice for cold winters, since it entails less heat loss and less condensation.
The remaining tablespoon of honey will be used to make a syrup to pour over the cake before glazing.
They include grants for energy-saving home improvements such as triple-glazing, solar energy and insulation.
Many people have already installed insulation and double-glazing, but more is to be done.
Imagine a wintry day with ice glazing every sidewalk and tree branch in sight.
Let those blizzards with their raging winds pound the four layers of plastic glazing outside.
New improved issues as well as new miracle issues with twice as many mind- glazing compounds.
Glazing at the ends of both circulation spines allows views to the surrounding neighborhood.
Leaving aside the eye-glazing technical details, nothing she needed was covered.
Exporting glazing systems generated a message that the operation failed because the glazing system type is unknown.
The glazing type for each window type is indicated on the drawings.
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