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He doesn't seem to be breathing, and his eyes are glazed.
My eyes glazed over at the merest glimpse of an equation.
Next to it are large glazed ceramic bowls of premeasured ingredients for stuffing, aka pudding.
Once formed, the vessels are fired, then tin-glazed.
Its splendor lies partly in the masterful glazed tile work, the colors of which change subtly with the light.
Glazed windows and appropriate window placement can regulate heat from the sun and allow for the maximum amount of natural light.
The honey-glazed shrimp and walnuts, baked barbecue pork triangles, and lettuce wraps are solid crowd-pleasers.
It was going to make everything better, and slowly it would claim employees in glazed-eyed conversions.
Cook in oven twenty-five minutes, basting often until well glazed.
They may be baked in buttered earthen cups, when the bottom will have a glazed appearance.
By brushing tops of rings with beaten yolk of egg diluted with one teaspoonful water, they will have a glazed appearance.
The glazed bricks that lined the chamber glistened in the sun.
They're the ones with the slightly glazed look in their eyes.
The painting sits on two glazed spheres of elephant dung.
But the engineering did not stop at labor-saving devices, revolving chairs, or triple-glazed windows.
Thanks to steel-reinforced walls and double-glazed windows, the silence inside is absolute.
Even chefs can lack the magic touch that turns batter to sweet, glazed gold.
Households made up of neglectful, distracted parents and vacant, screen-glazed children.
The rare, precious stuff is kept in the glazed drawers of museum cabinets.
To serve, the entire pot is turned upside down onto a large tray, making a beautiful glazed mound.
Some of the slabs and holds are glazed with ice, too slick for a grasping hand and too thin to support a pick or crampons.
The exterior of many of the downtown buildings are clad with imported glazed terra cotta tiles.
Her glazed skin was an interesting tint, a matte greenish- gray.
There is barely a scene in which, glazed with inertia, he does not swinishly loll.
The huge pictures are then glazed to make them permanent.
During the early part of the day, he was dead to the world, grog- gy and glazed.
Thousands of portraits of him appear on walls and in glazed mosaic tiles on concrete plaques.
In his eyes, glazed and hooded as they are, a job is something you do to fill the hours until your next drink.
They will simply be directing you into the act of taking your credit card out of your wallet, with that glazed look on your face.
Many of the buildings are covered in the decorative glazed tiles that the town is famous for producing.
Each of its guest rooms is buffered from outside noise with full soundproofing and double-glazed windows.
Diners will find many sides, such as mashed potatoes, glazed carrots and salad and a dessert table.
Triple-glazed, low-emissive windows will become common, accounting for up to a third of sales in colder climates.
The croissants here are lightly glazed, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and seem to melt in the mouth.
Wine-glazed sausages with watercress potatoes and sauerkraut.
To brighten your home this spring, pop a pretty plant in a green glazed container.
The lemon-glazed scones are delicious topped with strawberry jam and butter or whipped cream.
Large glazed pots filled with succulents and other easy plants dress this patio.
And it is extraordinary chicken, glazed gold and haloed with the nose-tickling aroma of its sauce.
In a semicircle around it stood a dozen four-year-olds, their eyes glazed, staring intently at the dark screen.
Newlyweds not quite ready to abandon traditional cakes have been handing out special boxes of the glazed treats as wedding favors.
Drug users are not apathetic people with glazed eyes.
Decorate as desired, or serve with citrus-glazed fruit and whipped cream.
When it's glazed with a sweet-tart lemon syrup, it's a colorful way to brighten up a party.
But the extra cost above double-glazed units is exorbitant.
On the upside, the rooms are air-conditioned and windows are double-glazed.
Ceramic floor tiles can generally be divided into two types: unglazed and glazed.
Glazed collectors also can be used to heat domestic hot water year-round.
Pre fab and pre glazed sections with bench and acrylic dome roof.

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