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Welfare reform has been an obvious success, despite some glaring inadequacies in the way the program was put together.
Include anachronisms, obvious misquotes, and glaring mistakes in logic.
But suits in gray silk satin, while nicely made, seemed a glaring commercial concession.
The glaring inconsistencies which his colleagues pointed out in his policies never dampened his spirits.
The glaring faults of his successor make his own mistakes in office look less bad by the day.
One glaring omission in the arguments of those advocating manned space exploration is in establishing the basic feasibility of it.
To start with, there were some rather glaring factual errors.
But for now they wait, shuffling foot-to-foot under the cargo hold's glaring lights.
Well, for example, a state could see a glaring statewide gap in college completion among majority and minority students.
The argument is ridiculous, and a glaring example of how a valid statistical relationship can be transformed into pure nonsense.
It is inexcusable that such a glaring error found its way past the scrutiny of your editors.
In a hyperspace co-dimension, light has a soft misty glow compared to our harsh glaring light in this dimension.
The imperfection was glaring only because there were so few blemishes.
Meanwhile resentment simmers at factory closures and at the glaring corruption of some party officials.
It shows either glaring negligence, or intentional oversight.
Another glaring omission is the lack of a touchscreen.
The glaring weak spot of electric cars has always been their limited range.
Close-up glaring would go and the silliest of goose steps, which strain the knees, might be eased.
When open to all comers, anonymously, the problems are even more glaring.
It's a bit of glaring problem on an otherwise near-perfect set of buds.
Several glaring overlaps and strategic differences will need early attention.
There are many other explanations for the lacklustre response to the glaring price signal.
And when it swivels that glaring nacreous orb at you, a tumult of horrors will become your dreams' nightly offerings also.
The inequities of a dual labour market will become more glaring the higher unemployment rises.
The spotlight cast on spouses and families during campaigns can be glaring for any couple.
But when it came to employee benefits, the inequalities were glaring.
Also, there are financial reports coming from companies that have glaring red flags.
Yet disclosure is often vague, at best, and the potential conflicts are glaring.
Few other whites find themselves under quite so glaring a spotlight.
It's worth pointing out some glaring omissions from the statement.
The light is too glaring, noises too loud, one's life too rushed.
Smartphones are often used to take shots in low-light situations, but low-light capture has always been a glaring weak spot.
One glaring contributor to the problem is growing pension payments.
The car turned onto this narrower road, into the glaring afternoon sun, which dazzled them.
Yet, in spite of these glaring faults, the lectures were not seldom worthy both of their subject and of their author.
The difference between the portrait and the original was too glaring to escape notice.
There are glaring problems, both practical and philosophical, in his recommendations.
But the list is glaring obtuse in some disappointing ways.
They are glaring, neon reminders of the decade's penchant for style over substance.
The room is hot already, sun glaring through the windows.
Critical examination showed glaring weaknesses in the line according to which the collection is supposed to have descended.
In retrospect, there was a glaring logical flaw in community action.
The theoretical appeal of solar energy is glaring: it is clean and ubiquitous.
There was widespread impersonation of voters, plus the usual vote-buying and glaring pro-government bias by broadcasters.
It's unfortunately the knowledgeable journalist can make such glaring mistakes and the editorial team allow them to be published.
Glaring at a player who failed to box out an opponent.
Do not project your glaring incompetence on me, amigo.
He sulks, sucking his paws and glaring at those who don't share his political and philosophical quirks.
Another week, they take advantage of two glaring mental lapses by their opponent.
But the article's second hole was even more glaring.
The regulators and the systems have notoriously played shut eye even though the signs were glaring.
As is so often the case, where you find one kind of astounding genius, you find another glaring deficit.
It's much closer to print than the glaring white background.
He made subtle blunders, he made outright goofs, his oversights were glaring.
The brain is a glaring exception because it is protected by an intricate shield known as the blood-brain barrier.
It does cover some of the more glaring loopholes in the traditional sci-fi approach to why there is such a dearth of variety.
But lately two glaring exceptions to that simple rule have turned up.
In this case there is a glaring inconsistency with current global warming models and observed mid atmospheric temperatures.
One glaring exception to this kind of locomotion is a deep-water fish known as the coelacanth.
Even peer-reviewed journals are plagued with willful ignorance and glaring bias.
The conclusion drawn is quite unwarranted, given the glaring gaps in the evidence.
Praying mantises are great for glaring at you and they definitely always look as if they consider whether to eat you or not.
Allow me to amend that glaring omission: first and foremost you appear to be mind-numbingly boring.
The only glaring difference were the facilities or lack thereof.
One really glaring hole was left: there was no neutrino to go with the tau lepton.
Colors look dramatically different and fish behave differently once the sub's glaring lights have been turned off.
But regardless of now glaring patterns of error, the relentless machinery of incarceration continues.
But investigations into these firewalls have revealed glaring weaknesses.
One glaring hole in the franchise's otherwise impressive demographic: guys.

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