glancing in a sentence

Example sentences for glancing

For me who has a glancing memory of the works of the artists, this was a disappointment.
Five minutes glancing at the tenure file summary is plenty in such cases.
Bring it in with you, glancing at the bills as you do.
It's easy to continue teaching while glancing at the number.
Let's say that a rolling billiard ball is moving toward a glancing collision with a stationary billiard ball.
We all file by silently, glancing at his bloated, waxen corpse.
Al asks, glancing up, perhaps imagining a ranch house among the trees.
Glancing around at the shabby furniture in the hall, he remarked.
The pace of the movie is rapid, almost hectic, the touch glancing.
She changed into the dress, glancing into the full-length mirror nailed to the back of the door.
Since there's no lower rim on the frames, visibility when glancing down at the ball was great.
Evan says, glancing in mock surprise around the lobby, which is of course devoid of bellhops.
While marching confidently forward into a better future, it was constantly glancing nervously over its left shoulder.
They are astonishing, those eyes: pale and opalescent, with vagrant beams of light glancing from the corneas.
She stops, glancing around apprehensively, as if someone might contradict her.
He refrained from comment, but kept glancing over, as if he could no longer concentrate on his reading.
By sending off lasers at more than one angle, you diminish the likelihood of the laser merely glancing off objects.
But you can still get the picture from glancing at the colorful vertical bars, before reading any of the tiny text.
In every way but one, it was the sort of spasm of urban violence that gets a glancing, one-shot story in the local papers.
Glancing through, did not see anything that hasn't been done better by others.
The stars were dancing, wheeling and glancing, dipping with smirk and beck.
Many typical anti shooting types have a glancing knowledge of the past and current laws.
The structure may also be designed in such a way as to result in glancing blows to more of its exposed surfaces.
Adjust your stance and tool grip continually to prevent slipping and to avoid glancing blows.

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