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Have them glance at the pictures of the pterosaur heads briefly.
At first glance this seems somewhat counterintuitive but on reflection it makes perfect sense.
That's why the world is wary of change its glance other way.
But if you stop to catch your breath and glance down, a whole new set of wonders reveals itself at your feet.
Though at first glance it may resemble other commuter vehicles, a few key features set it apart.
But a glance at the figures shows that the staff totals represent automatic stages in an inevitable increase.
Calls that involved no reversal of rank registered as status quo and barely triggered a glance.
When sunlight hits a raindrop, some photons glance off the surface.
Export industries may have a better chance of benefiting from a global recovery than the figures suggest at first glance.
We appear to be able to read words at a glance without being aware of each letter.
Suffice it to say that not everything is as it seems at first glance.
Glance at the image to the left and, as quickly as you can, name the animal whose shape is pictured.
Nevertheless, a glance at your family tree may indicate whether you have a familial tendency toward longevity.
There is still one reason to glance at the manual, though.
At first glance the survey method may seem less than exact.
Although this game is at first glance about money, it is really about the development of trust.
Everything is listed in chronological order, and you can see what you need at a glance.
Understanding cultural groups prepares us to better listen to, respect, and celebrate those who seem different at first glance.
If a motorist wanted to know their speed, a glance at the dashboard would do it.
At first glance you can straightaway see the effort put into the app.
As an op-ed, it should have been thrown out at first glance.
Color-coded cables let you tell left from right at a glance.
Without a backward glance in my direction, he hopped in when the taxi pulled up.
Another glance at the figures: one was now kneeling to aim.
Here's hoping the editor takes a glance at my manuscript soon.
At first glance they appeared to be the shrunken heads of tribal ancestors.
At first glance there are many attractions to contingent capital.
Check the local tide level at a glance with this personalized tide clock.
But a half-second glance reveals that he's missing a few things.
Glance at share prices or short-term growth forecasts and you might feel comforted.
Happily, my first glance at the new layout shows you've changed some of that.
The time shown in the picture is around ten past eleven, but at first glance appears to be ten to eleven.
So you can see at a glance where heat is leaking out.
After all, the master detective never takes the world for what it is at first glance.
Additionally, if it isn't peer-reviewed, it gets rejected without so much as a second glance.
Don't be fooled by the fact that, at first glance, the fossil looks a little jumbled up.
To think artistic style derives from artistic limitations is, at first glance, backwards.
Flyers and slides are both about catching the attention and being comprehensible at a glance.
At first glance, those fears might seem to have some medical justification.
At first glance, the list of animals could suggest any zoo.
Seeing who's who at a glance is more important for them than it is for solitary animals.
At first glance, these setups are the last place you'd go to look for quantum gravity.
If nothing else, at a casual glance, it makes for good marketing and possibly even a usable device.
Most don't even glance up from their smart phones and magazines.
At first glance, the combined secretions appear to create a cover by which the soft slugs can escape lobsters.
At first glance, these teammates don't seem to make sense.
At first glance, an upside-down pyramid is counterintuitive.
At first glance, great snipes don't look especially speedy or well equipped for such an arduous journey.
Then he turned his piercing glance upon him with a gesture to sit.
The lines of any good play mean more than appears at a hasty glance.
The aerial installation is dazzling at first glance.
But any age between about sixty and ninety doesn't rate a second glance as you flip through the obituaries.
Every office encounter includes a furtive glance at the papers left out on a desk.
At first glance, it looks as though businesses would.
The bison's glance is turned away, but it might have an ironic smile.
Urban revitalization does not at first glance relate to the growing national interest in fresh fruits and vegetables.
And the problems that are less obvious at a glance are even more threatening.
And at first glance, that contention seems nearly incontrovertible.
At first glance, they aren't necessarily high-powered tweeters.
Two items are worth highlighting that, upon quick glance, don't seem to have an obvious connection.
At first glance, it's the simplest tax plan you can imagine.
He had to face it nearly every day-in a glance from a neighbor, or a poster on the street.
Most only give the manuals a cursory glance and then only for the primary functions.
At a brief glance, they may look similar, but the odds are they arent.
Even a cursory glance at the history of communications technology shows a recurring pattern.
At first glance, it's easy to dismiss any notion that they can be damaging.
At first glance, the island appears to be a terrarium surrounded by the whitest beaches imaginable.
His experiments suggest that in each glance, the players were storing only a single piece of information.
At first glance one would think it could be a plane going down, a military flare or missile exercise.
At first glance, this approach might seem to bear out the charge of parasitism.
On first glance at the reports it doesn't look this way.
At times people seem to have an uncanny ability to size one another up at a glance.
At first glance, statistics seem to tell a different story.
At first glance, the island's fiscal situation does not look particularly precarious.
At first glance the sales figures seem to debunk the idea that video games are recession-proof.
It is selling television sets and refrigerators in a place that, at first glance, has no running water or electricity.
At first glance, the cause of the riot might look unremarkable.
At first glance the three firms could not look more different.
At first glance, the events of the past fortnight look mildly encouraging.
The case for tight regulation seems strong, at first glance.
At first glance, she seems guilty of ideological incoherence.
At first glance, the sales figures seem to speak for themselves.
At first glance, it's a small world, where the same ubiquitous radio hits top the legitimate download services.
At first glance, it appears to have been seriously damaged.
They can see through walls and distinguish enemy from civilian with a simple glance.
At first glance, electronic circuit boards may seem as far from art as you can get.
At first glance, the layout will be familiar to anyone who has ever cracked open a desktop machine.
However, some of the finer details appear at first glance not to match.
At first glance, the idea of adding fat to get rid of fat doesn't exactly add up.
At a glance, you can see how deep both of their catalogs are.
It may not be apparent at first glance, but this mountainside is revealing an interesting stratigraphic pattern.
It doesn't satisfy depth perception but will trick a casual glance.
We have been admonished time and again to glance over our left shoulder before changing lanes.

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