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Preparing notes and bibliographies in a consistent style has long been one of the less glamorous tasks of academic writing.
Arrange small light weight mirrors grid-style for a glamorous regency-style look in the bedroom.
The glamorous brown foal jumped over the lazy cosmonaut.
Interviewing people about their food poisoning symptoms isn't a glamorous job.
Given their glamorous appearance and considerable cachet, orchids make impressive gifts.
Not so long ago, owning a car dealership seemed somewhat glamorous.
It is filmed in some of those glamorous places that movie crews often visit and you seldom do.
The memory of the glamorous carriages, sumptuous cuisine, and personal service will stay with you forever.
It may not be as glamorous as other efforts, but it is a surely a super sustainable idea.
It ain't pretty, it ain't easy, and it ain't glamorous.
Its main role seems to have been making showier cool-season bloomers look more glamorous by comparison.
Post-show, mingle with the cast in the glamorous bar downstairs.
In between, luminaries from the increasingly glamorous world of nanotechnology outlined the fledgling discipline's future.
Traditionally, the larger and more glamorous the hat, the better.
Unfortunately, saving dying children isn't as glamorous as researching global warming.
And it is truly one of the less glamorous moments of the trip.
The work is not glamorous but doing it is how admissions folks pay their dues and climb the ladder.
Luxury-goods groups reliant on glamorous names keep high fashion alive.
It's not glamorous and it doesn't appear to be getting you anywhere.
Computer graphics is glamorous work, so they get to comb the student corps for talent, too.
But it is increasingly overshadowed by the less glamorous variety.
Move your office to a glamorous location and rebrand the program.
Tempers run extra-high when the locations are glamorous and global celebrities are involved.
Less glamorous outfits can also attract benefactors.
And it is here that the less glamorous regions of the brain, down in the catacombs, come in.
Those things are usually much more glamorous than a prosaic food safety program.
Cost savings and ease of use is what will make energy efficiency glamorous.
Less glamorous than critique, perhaps, they provide the foundation on which any plausible critical interpretation stands.
If anything, they were more eager for guidance on glamorous entertaining.
Clipper taught a generation that commercial flight could be glamorous, even opulent.
Some people want to look faintly elegant, perhaps even glamorous.
They all showed the glamorous, fun, relaxing side of the industry.
Today, of course, soft serve is not so glamorous or novel as it was when it first debuted.
Eventually they land jobs in the glamorous media or entertainment industry.
The logic is that if glamorous images hook smokers, especially teenagers, then the ugly truth will deter them.
Then he can start showing us his glamorous family again.
We're going to make them popular, and out and proud and glamorous.
These steps are not dramatic, nor are they glamorous.
It sounded glamorous, but no more glamorous than the image of a nun.
They are less likely to be glamorous than to be angry, distraught, and in pain.
Being an astronaut is glamorous, exciting, and dangerous.
They soon traded their homemade stage dresses for glamorous sequined gowns, the dusty tour bus for a stretch limousine.
Glamorous or not, today's art crooks are motivated by a complex of urges.
But the steamboats were also magical apparitions, floating palaces with glamorous interiors.
The catalogue models pose in normal clothes, which is less glamorous.
The process is hardly glamorous: new countries do not get an embossed birth certificate or a fanfare.
It seems a glamorous head office for a business that disinfects toilets, sets rat-traps and treats wood-rot.
He throws glamorous, exclusive parties and excites admiration and envy.
Even if it is correct, less glamorous improvements could increase capacity more cheaply.
Equally exciting, if less glamorous, will be the maiden voyages of spacecraft at the blue-collar end of space travel.
Firemen are more glamorous and exciting: they burst into burning buildings while paramedics wait safely outside.
Brill writes reverentially about their glamorous world.
He is bound to emerge historically as a romantic and glamorous figure, but he is surrounded by corpses.
He was known for his lighting, his ability to make a seemingly improvised situation glamorous.
Her look has always been accidentally glamorous, fragile but intimidating.
McCandless's is a powerful story, one that some may see as glamorous-especially if they have only seen the movie.
Making a film about a viral pandemic is never going to be a glamorous proposition.
It says something about a city when one of its top tourist attractions is a gigantic, glamorous mall.
Though it can certainly be a fun and glamorous experience, it can also be fraught with challenges and unexpected difficulties.
Beyond the glamorous inauguration images-the oath, the walk, the dance-the new administration was rolling up its sleeves.
He also produces films, courts celebrity chums, and lives an all-around glamorous lifestyle.
However, the bus does have some basis in reality, albeit a more mundane and less glamorous reality.
In stories and movies the outlaws live a glamorous and exciting life.
Circuses were transported by means of wagons, which became glamorous showpieces in themselves.
Movies, video games and even the lyrics in music often portray violence as exciting, glamorous or funny.
Their story, though romanticized on the silver screen, was hardly a glamorous one.
Different cultures have varied lifestyles that often seem more exciting or glamorous than our own.
Although they may have dreamed of striking it rich, daily existence for the workers was anything but glamorous.
Anxious to return as soon as possible to her glamorous career, she intended to stay for only a few days.
The cargo of these outbound ships tends to be on the less-than-glamorous side.

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