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Example sentences for gladly

All of sudden the solar science is gladly embraced, models and all.
On a broader question, it's really interesting to me that some people will gladly ride light rail or streetcars, but not buses.
With little help from us, movie world will gladly follow the changes in the broader society if that means ticket sales.
Some people prefer a life of puffed up flummery, gladly ignoring the harm it inflicts on others.
These would gladly let buildings crash down on their occupants and then blame the dead and injured for being there.
Once you're back on solid ground, he'll gladly snap your picture and fillet your catch.
Unlike your children, your chickens will gladly eat their fruits and veggies.
The company will gladly take the money but any scandals or disasters or expensive legal cases will be lumped on the university.
The committee was aghast and would gladly have arranged for somebody to pick her up.
The university would gladly administer any grants they obtain.
They would gladly have married, but their parents forbade.
People gladly send their parents to nursing homes, gladly send their wild kids to detention, gladly send their neighbor to prison.
Others do so gladly, hoping to use the power of the state to enrich themselves.
Many of the big name actors in this film not only joined gladly without pay but instead funded the film with their own money.
Bellhops gladly bring your suitcases up and down the stairs, but ask for a low floor unless you don't mind climbing three flights.
You're reading this, but given the opportunity, you'd gladly snooze or slumber.
These phone carriers will gladly sell you a data hogging beast of a smartphone but then place a cap on the data you can use.
Many people around the world gladly prepare pasta dishes such as lasagna and baked ziti or rice dishes such as risotto.
They will gladly enjoy the benefits, but at the same time spend all their energies on tearing it down.
All questions to him, he says, he will gladly answer at an all-day press conference-after the revolution.
Another view is that people will gladly cede some of their privacy for the chance to beat a traffic jam.
Thousands of politically active people would gladly argue with her if given the opportunity.
Then by degrees the poor were seen to have advantages of which the rich would gladly avail themselves.
She often shouted up the stairs with an offering of a dish of weeds, gladly accepted, both bitter and delicious.
They have to spend their time suffering fools gladly and being badgered by arrogant twenty-year-olds with questionnaires.
We'll also gladly take your suggestions for subject areas to try.
If they discriminate, they will eventually lose money, and go out of business while others gladly take the business.
Even if one country decided to forgo the next technological revolution, another country would gladly take it up.
Our staff will gladly work with you in selecting the type of tree and tree location in the park of your choice.
Many local garden centers and online nurseries have professional horticulturists on staff who will gladly answer your questions.
Any comments and suggestions are invited and gladly welcomed.
We will gladly provide a valid agency contact which can address item specific questions.
However, our office will gladly answer any questions that you may have either by phone or email.
There is not a set fee for the vaccination, however donations are gladly accepted.
Service is available at no cost to the public although donations are gladly accepted.
The court will gladly provide certificates of attendance for all jurors who appear at the court for jury selection and trials.
The police department will certainly and gladly respond to check out the solicitor.

Famous quotes containing the word gladly

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For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise.... more
Rather than have it the principal thing in my son's mind, I would gladly have him think that the sun went r... more
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