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At gladiator school neither safety, health as such, or mental well-being was much of a consideration.
The gladiator having entered the lists is seeking advice.
When a gladiator was vanquished it rested with the spectators to decide whether he should be slain or not.
The setting: a gladiator-style arena where jockeys go head-to-head astride rockets.
Few of us would consider it morally acceptable to go to a gladiator fight or a dogfight.
Other excavations in the area have revealed gladiator epitaphs, a circus for chariot races, and thermal baths.
Some were accused of instigating gladiator-style prizefights in the cell blocks.
In any case, prime-time gladiator shows would ensure dramatic balance, the blood of the crime answered by the blood of the arena.
Age-old gladiator sandals hold a fearsome appeal among today's style arbiters.
He was a meat-eating, knuckle-dragging gladiator, and the company was frothing with anticipation at the clash.

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His mind resembled the vast amphitheatre, the Colis├Žum at Rome. In the centre stood his judgement, which, like a mighty... more
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