glade in a sentence

Example sentences for glade

The cookout was not in a forest glade beside a rushing brook.
Bats were in the glade behind him, and he could hear the strange, persistent sound of their flight.
The camera seems especially interested in the sloping glade of trees behind the house.
Exhibits range from a tiger forest and a panther glade to an alligator bay and a backyard habitat.
The resort's centerpiece is an open-air slate hot tub overlooking the ocean, situated in a glade surrounded by trees.

Famous quotes containing the word glade

Once they came on a maple in a glade, Standing alone with smooth arms lifted up, And every leaf of foliage ... more
Ye distant spires, ye antique towers, That crown the wat'ry glade.... more
How shall I behold the face Henceforth of God or Angel, earst with joy And rapture so oft beheld? those heav'nly shapes ... more
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