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But this week marine biologists received some glad tidings, which may help to preserve a few more such places.
Official newspapers were probably glad not to have to second-guess censors' concerns about that kind of imagery.
Plus, they have other cool talents and interests that make us glad to have them as our new friends.
Glad to be here in happier times, begin your saunter downhill to the harbor.
We felt glad to be sharing our table with a kindred spirit.
Others would be glad to do nothing, but have to cope with a collapse in demand partly caused by fear.
Glad a few are learning how to take care of the land now.
Glad to see these familiar guys are getting publicity.
Im glad that technology these days is able to help improve the world into a better place rather than abusing it.
Glad that happened though rather than going through the criminal system.
Should there ever be an infringement later, you'll be glad to have this additional ammunition.
But eight years on he is glad that he was talked into taking it.
She is glad of her experience in conflict resolution.
Glad to see someone else avoided weight loss surgery.
We're glad to have someone with your experience on board.
Im so glad he is safe at the zoo and he will be cared for.
Definitely am glad they're working on this sort of thing to make our future years easier.
Really glad you'll be working on the booklet project.
So glad you had a good experience with the jellyfish.
Glad to know someone is still exploring the universe at large.
There are no people in any other country who are glad to accept a tax hike.
You'll be glad for the personal connection and the local insight.
Glad you guys are going to have a park or something to keep the good memories intake.
If you can do this you will be glad: actually there are people in that country.
Those residents who did leave were glad they had heeded orders, despite the inconvenience.
Lehman is not alone in being glad of the protection.
Im glad that this is being recognized in a serious way.
Whatever you decide, you'll be glad you're not starting at square one.
The casually outfit couple looked comfortable and glad.
We're glad you could join us tonight for another of these online gigs.
For now, they are giddy and glad to be done, high on adrenaline and proud to be real soldiers.
Let us be glad for their additional importance and power, and not examine the artistic result too critically.
My father said he'd be glad to have a potato-salad-and-cole-slaw sale.
Are glad when thou dost shine to guide their footsteps right.
They who lived with them found life glad and nutritious.
Glad to hear the legacy still carries on and shared with the world.
Really glad you're keeping us informed about new technology as it happens.
Even people he's bulldozed over the years are glad he's back.
He was glad every time a journalist jotted them down.
For all their reputations as temperamental and needy, actors are glad to be pushed if the results show up on the screen.
You're glad she's on the side of good and not evil-otherwise we'd all be doomed.
At best their movie was a curiosity, a freakish piece of juvenilia, and they were glad to be finished with it.
Few glad-handing facilitators have worn an uglier frown.
Either way, glad to see computational photography progressing.
There are many many people who would be glad to take a one way trip.
Billy is a veteran of the foreign wars and is glad to be back home, far from the insanity.
Ma had been glad to get out of the school bus into a real house for a change.
We will be glad to send you campaign literature and our position papers.
We're glad you could take the time to register to respond during an emergency.
Recycling fiends, meanwhile, will be glad to know that abandoned umbrellas can find new life in couture gowns.
We want to explore their size and power and weirdness-and be glad they're no longer around.
Glad to see some of that charming arrogant humor back on this blog.
He doesn't say so, but one gets the feeling he's glad.
But paranoid apartment-dwellers will be glad to know that the system still has plenty of limitations.
While this was not the exact response the researchers were after, it was the type of response they were glad to see.

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