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The temperature of the world fluctuated widely, and there were long periods of glacial cold.
Now my heart seems to be racing in my head, but my blood is glacial, cold and slow.
Then he had entered gaily the door of the glacial epoch, and had surveyed a universe of unities and uniformities.
Even with that, his solitude was glacial, and reacted on his character.
University administration and bureaucracy moves about the speed of glacial creep.
In addition, operational changes to ensure effectiveness and efficiency occur at glacial speed.
Glacial lakes and spring waters throughout make for interesting water sports opportunities.
Although the nerves can regenerate, they do it at the glacial pace of about one millimeter a day.
Perhaps the strategy is to provide enough long-term life-support to allow such tiny, always reversible, glacial steps to proceed.
The glacial pace of improvement in battery technology really can't be overemphasized.
Its glacial, instrumental soundscapes can be simultaneously brutal and beautiful.
The setting is spectacular-snow-covered mountains rising out of a glacial plain.
One project, for example, is working to install warning systems to alert people in the region about impending glacial flooding.
The sheet is believed to restrain the glacial ice that covers the continent.
Floating chunks of glacial ice, broken off during calving, are called icebergs.
So up there, we're dealing with water from the original glacial ponds.
The moment of glacial runoff coincided with the rapid evolution of animal life.
During this inter-glacial there has been a lengthening of the warm period.
Fjords are deep coastal valleys formed by glacial action and flooded by the sea.
Show us icicles dripping from ruby red noses, glacial ice-scapes and huddled figures trudging through the snow.
Some of it is the glacial pace of change in baseball, but cost is also a consideration.
Glacial, alpine and subalpine mountains seem harsh but are filled with diversity.
On top of this, since glacial ice contains no salt, the water formed when it melts is fresh.
In this slow-growth stronghold, anything other than a glacial pace of development is anathema.
Progress on judicial reform has been glacial, meeting enormous resistance.
But your correspondent is not sure that more raw speed will solve the glacial loading problem.
Only the odd nervous cough, soon suppressed, breaks the glacial atmosphere.
Much protest will take place in the courts, which will proceed at their usual glacial pace.
Alas, the others capture little of geology beyond its glacial pace.
In our system of national government, change is meant to occur at a glacial pace.
Glaciers are thought to change at, well, a glacial pace.
For a technology that so many people dream of improving, lie detection has been advancing at a glacial pace.
Glacial lake deposits, particularly clays, are generally highly susceptible to landsliding.
Continued glacial advances and retreats led to the present-day appearance of the canyon and surrounding area.
The study of tree rings and subfossil wood to provide information about the glacial and climatic history of an area.
Glacial lake plains are located in the western and northwestern parts of the county.
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