gizzard shad in a sentence

Example sentences for gizzard shad

Gizzard shad spawn in the spring, usually over flooded terrestrial vegetation in shallow water.
Gizzard shad can drastically alter the phytoplankton community and subsequently affect game fish populations.
The renovation was not completely successful, as gizzard shad and other non-game fish were found the following year.
Anglers traditionally use cast nets in lakes and shallow waters to catch small fish, such as gizzard shad, for catfish bait.
Predatory fish have diverse and abundant forage in the form of alewives, gizzard shad, threadfin shad and shiners.
The bluegill fishery has suffered the impact of the gizzard shad introduction and proliferation.
Gizzard shad may be taken from lakes and ponds by dip net or throw net.
Walleye, channel catfish, and gizzard shad are stocked in the reservoir annually.
Gizzard shad are the primary forage species in the reservoir, but adult gizzard shad are too large for crappie to eat.
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