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Grilling gives the bird a really crisp, brown skin-plus it frees up your oven so you can cook everything else.
Biga, is a yeast-based starter, gives the loaf characteristics of bread made with a sourdough starter.
It gives the eye a natural resting place and the feet a destination.
Each of our recipes gives you the option to take it easy and use cooked crabs, or to take the plunge and cook them yourself.
The rhubarb gives the cherries a slightly savory depth.
Fir plywood gives this home a warm look for less than standard wood paneling.
Wire wrapped around the ladder gives the vine tendrils plenty of places to twine around.
It gives you the chance to compare the old and the new, side by side.
Planking salmon gives it a deep, woodsy taste and keeps it moist by protecting it from the flames.
Others find virtue in the tenderness and rich browning that a little more sugar gives the bread.
Boiling before baking gives them that characteristic density.
Neither heavy nor perfume-y, it gives the sorbet a delicate, aromatic sweetness.
The mix of apricots, spices, and tomatoes gives an interesting and delicious twist to chicken dinner.
The nighttime chirping of geckos under the eaves gives way to a mynah bird's first bossy calls.
You'll never guess the secret ingredient that gives them extra snap and crackle.
It's not a perfect measure, but it gives you an idea.
Caffeine--the drug that gives coffee and cola its kick--has a number of physiological effects.
Moving slowly gives the cornstarch particles time to move out of the way.
Finding and confirming where the debris ended up gives them a better idea of where it's headed next.
But the real power in the bill is not in the powers it gives the courts.
The basic atmospheric physics that gives rise to tornadoes is well understood by now.
Putting a price on intrinsic value gives you an extension for life's dealings.
For many such youngsters, their extraordinary intellect gives them a real advantage in school.
The holographic division consequently gives us a rather neat way of writing down the following symmetry balance equation.
Finding salt in the plume gives evidence for liquid water below the surface.
The first several paragraphs gives no proof, no source, nothing.
More ice means less drink, so it saves them money, but gives the impression of being a full drink.
Fortunately, these pioneers left a rich heritage which gives tourists today insight into these admirable traits.
Reading opens up the world to children and gives them a better outlook on life and other people.
The message gives the object's coordinates at the time of its discovery so other astronomers can track it.
That's a literary metaphor, but what happens in puppetry is that the puppet has no life and the puppeteer gives it to him.
When the whole muscle is in action it gives to the countenance an expression of contempt and disdain.
But if a reaper gets pains in his back, the farmer gives him the goat-skin to wear.
The letter gives examples of bullying, clarifies its characteristics, and advises how to avoid it proactively.
The charitable deduction applies only to donors who itemize and gives bigger savings to those in higher tax brackets.
He approves them and gives her a code number required to register.
Being a faculty member gives me the opportunity to improve the future teaching of many of these students.
On the one hand, it gives you quick access to an awful lot of organizational capacity.
Midterm feedback from students gives professors a chance to adjust their courses to improve learning and student satisfaction.
It might turn out in fact that room and board costs are often similar to the cost of the earnings a student gives up.
Maybe he meant only those who work for a hedge fund that gives out obscene bonuses.
Positive selection occurs when a specific gene gives its carriers some advantage over others who lack the gene.
Chlorophyll gives leaves their green color throughout the growing season.
Where a band of solid rock gives way, waves claw at weaker clays behind to sculpt a cove or a bay.
By contrast, a genome is the full set of genes that gives rise to a particular species.
Sometimes a moment of laughter gives a solace in their life.
The system, which only issues an alert once a lahar begins, gives some warning-but not much.
But, for the moment, the euro gives all parties the luxury of intransigence.
But economic theory gives them few if any lines to read.
Thus students will this year, for the first time, pay more for tuition than the state gives in funding.
Or there is payday lending, where the borrower gives the creditor permission to take money straight from his next pay cheque.
It gives them health checks and advice on managing stress, and regularly has ceremonies to congratulate long-serving staff.
The toilet gives a chance to write about the vital subject of modern sewerage.
From time to time a hive simply gives up the ghost and vanishes.
How the pattern is distorted gives information about distances.
Researchers are beginning to crack the code that gives humans our way with words.
Each layer is made of silicon modified with another material that gives it distinct electronic properties.
So a good measure of their radius also gives an indication of their intrinsic brightness.
At the same time, the exercise gives a curious insight into the potential for time travel.
Startup makes ridiculous claims and then gives you the exclusive opportunity to invest in the new revolution.
The prototype's inner shell, made from a strong yet somewhat flexible nylon material, gives the ball structural strength.
Second, the long string gives gas more time to percolate into the well.
It can noninvasively probe deep inside tissues and gives information on the presence of specific chemicals.
One of my favorite such cuts is beef shin, full of collagen that melts to gelatin and gives sheen and body to a sauce or stew.
He's stiff and he mumbles and generally gives the appearance of being off in his own, less interesting movie.
Good fantasy gives us a unique perspective into the conflicts and trials in our own lives and the lives of those around us.
He gives a beautiful, modulated performance, and he's never been more likable.
Gives examples of the malleability of trial evidence.
The conscious mind gives us one way of making sense of our environment.
But the unconscious mind gives us other, more supple ways.
He gives you illusion that has the appearance of truth.
Spacey, after a long career of playing acidulous bad guys, gives a performance of surprising gentleness.
It is being given an entirely opposite base which gives exactly opposite results.
Herring swim around of their own will, but nobody gives them names.
Gives one the chance to wonder what's going through his head before the punch line is delivered.
That's what science gives us, improvement in knowledge over time, not absolute knowledge.
We humans are mesmerized by melanin, the pigment that gives color to our skin, but almost always for quite the wrong reasons.
Shooting a basketball underhand gives your shot far better arc and spin.
It so happens that a flare gives us a warning before the particle blast wave gets here.
New satellite tracking gives a much more accurate read on global air pollution.
However, it gives me a lot of joy and he has a great life.
Sparkling cider, rather than sugar, gives our batter its sweetness.
Here, it enhances the earthy flavor of skillet-fried potatoes and gives them a gorgeous silkiness and golden-crisp edges.
Either way, he sprays the chicken with sake before grilling, which gives it an appealing sheen.
The zest is rubbed directly into the flour, while the pulpy flesh gives an intense, fruity flavor.
Poblano chiles add a touch of heat, but it's the time on the grill that gives the tamales real fire.
To the end, his act was as clear as corn liquor and muddled as the hangover it gives you.
In this aperitif, they provide a base note that gives the drink another dimension.
It gives you a better shot at the features you want in each.
Scientists find the vision attractive, since it gives them a purpose for their existence and an unending supply of jobs.
But in fact he gives an account of a superficial and weak leader.
She gives as a simple example the sound of two different drummers playing at a distance from us.
Fee-for-service payment gives doctors incentives to provide more services than needed and allows for fraudulent billing.
Of these three biographies, perhaps none gives sufficient weight to the question of why she is not better known.
The growing interdependence of the planet gives us, he says, a new and convincing reason to do our utilitarian duty.
On the surface the military government gives the appearance of carrying on a revolution.
The player's suspension of disbelief is also tested in the way the door itself gives way when the villain flies through it.
It gives the pages depth, and the books take on a sculptural quality.
No other contact sport gives rise to as many serious brain injuries as football does.

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