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The teacher is at best not an information giver but a model of concerned intelligence.
The monsoon is the great life-giver and the great destroyer of the subcontinent.
It could be any of the people in your family who are in the business of being a care giver.
Gifting being what certain societies engage in as a way to establish dominance, and to render the recipient beholden to the giver.
So it costs the giver virtually no mental transaction costs.
It's an amazing tool, a carrier of beauty, a giver of life.
We have tried him being the treat giver and going on little car rides with him.
If someone decided on it, who designated that being the purpose-giver.
Tied aid is help given on condition that the goods or services involved are provided by the giver.
The allegations, after all, hinge on the word of a self-confessed bribe-giver.
What matters is that the giver should do more than simply hand over the money.
She was a famous party-giver and her gatherings were a name-dropper's delight.
Bad advice is taken at the risk of the receiver, not the giver.
Doesn't this president realize yet that when one parent is home they now become the care giver.
Better for the patient and better for the care giver.
The giver and receiver of information have several responsibilities to ensure successful communication.
Your task in receiving feedback is to understand the behavior from the feedback giver's perspective.

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