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Her accomplishments are all the more remarkable given that she is largely homebound, debilitated by chronic fatigue syndrome.
What is so appealing or rewarding about it given the multi-functions they have to perform.
Given the attention he's brought to his university, he'll soon be asking for a bigger staff.
The researchers found that the rats lost their fear of the sound if they were given propranolol after the tone started.
Likewise when liquid water freezes, heat is given off.
By definition, every atom of a given element has a specific number of protons in its nucleus.
My first foray into vegetable gardening started with two plants in paper cups, given to me as a gift.
And some shareholders are now worried that too much emphasis will be given to investment banking, a business with falling returns.
Given the heart's many essential functions, it seems wise to take care of it.
Given that this excrement is diluted by the excrement from hundreds of healthy animals, the actual amounts would be pretty small.
The skull had been given a plaster nose, and its eye sockets had been filled with plaster.
They used to be given out to only one game per console.
Given demographic inevitability, one would expect the field to be booming.
Each of the motions described above were given relative to some structure.
And given the right care, they can live for decades.
Inside, there are two teams of controllers at any given time.
Your time in the department has given you insight that would be appreciated by your colleagues.
Soaring house prices have given a huge boost to the world economy.
If a school registers twice and receives two packets, no refund will be given back to top.
Shallow water may have given him a solid foundation to build a road.
Given enough time and money, any grease monkey can design a fuel-efficient, low-emissions car.
Preference will be given to candidates with prior teaching experience and those who demonstrate scholarly promise.
One of his principal ideas is the difficulty of forecasting given the role of chance and extreme events.
Given the choice between a light and dark area, the wild-type mice spent more time in the light the more diazepam they received.
Makes a good large-scale ground cover if given regular moisture and yearly mowing add to my plant list.
Preference will be given to candidates with experience and interests in honey bee extension and/or research.
Despite being given their choice of duty, the survivors decided unanimously to continue to serve in submarines.
If a given patch of land is saved, then a farmer will go hungry.
Cows and calves are captured, given a medical exam and fitted with radio collars.
Preference will be given to candidates that can also teach genetics, cell biology and/or microbiology.
In any case, many investors and managers have already given up on beta.
The actual lifetime of any given print depends on the printer and ink used and the viewing conditions the print experiences.
Someone had given me a small lump of irregularly-shaped rock and said it was a dinosaur bone.
Given minimum care at planting, they thrive with virtually no further attention.
Try to keep your posts diverse across the different categories in a given time period.
Some projects are bound to be unprofitable given its badly functioning financial system and government meddling.
Performs best in cool-summer climates, but also does well in hotter areas if given some shade.
Preference will be given to applicants engaged in teaching and research in bio-mathematics.
Biodiversity refers to all the different kinds of living organisms within a given area.
Over the years, the extermination campaign has given way to a movement to protect the now endangered wolf.
Also, patients' responses to a given drug vary greatly.
They can get by on little water but do best if given regular irrigation during growth and bloom.
Given the size of the captive population, that would mean thousands of additional useful animals.
So any given individual-or subset of individuals-could have vastly different outcomes.
Tends to branch freely in a flat pattern, making a natural espalier if given the support of a warm, sunny wall or fence.
The teams train for a total of four weeks in the airport before they are given their validation test and, hopefully, graduate.
We've given armloads to the chickens, who have obligingly eaten them, but now even they seem unexcited.
The animals were first given an unbalanced diet, skewed in favor of either lipids or protein.
Given the low number of participants involved in this article, further studies should be done.
For effective display, needs to be given room add to my plant list.
More attention needs to be given to heritage architecture.
Prefers partial or full shade, but if given ample water will take full sun in cool-summer climates add to my plant list.
Or it is sometimes given a bronze glaze to bring out some of the underlying tones.
Prefers partial or full shade, but if given ample water will take full sun in cool-summer climates.
Does exceptionally well indoors if given bright light and not overwatered add to my plant list.
Yet they are often not even given notice that their teaching hours have been reduced.
Some preference will be given to candidates who can contribute to our creative writing courses.
The list may be given as a text file or it may be copy-pasted into the text window.
Indeed, given the scope of such problems, they may never be.
It was so wonderful to see the loving care these beautiful creatures are given.
For starters, both movements were given focus by literary fiction.
Participants, both real and virtual, were given ten points in each round of the game.
Some dogs can smell odors given off by humans with bladder cancer and diabetes, researchers say.
It was the first time that sea dragons in captivity had successfully given birth.
They also matched the responses given by subjects who were shown the sites for longer.
Hot action between the sheets has given many human lives their start.
The vastness of the region has always given its people an independent, frontiersman spirit.
The flies were then given the same fruit but without an additive.
Yet, given the authors' unprecedented access to inside information and their devotion to detail, the book is a unique resource.
Such arguments are quite pointless given the vast intertwining of the two in psychiatric disease.
Record-breaking heat has been given the sun a bad name.
Given the right tools and encouragement, they will prosper beyond our wildest imagination.
Their objectivity is in question, given their overarching agenda.
The godfather of the teddy bear was given to fierce inconsistencies as hunter and conservationist.
Given that time travel moves only forward, it might seem that this would be the only way new periods can be added to history.
Ten percent discount is given if two or more rooms are used.
Even tiny gardens often produce more fresh veggies than can be eaten-or even given away-before they go bad.
Given his political origins, he is an unlikely peacemaker.
Compute the average distance or time consumers will travel to reach a given sort of business.
Special talks given by fi eld researchers and regional scientists.
Given their glamorous appearance and considerable cachet, orchids make impressive gifts.
Given regular water, these plants can last several weeks in mild climates.
The results are surprisingly pleasing, given the potential for conflict among so many kinds of plants.
Wow that's a great innovative idea you have given to attract the bees.
From the plexuses branches are given to the thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic viscera.
He has given our people stout hearts and strong arms with which to strike mighty blows for freedom and truth.
The press, instead of displacing the orator, has given him a larger audience and enabled him to do a more extended work.
They open into the spaces, and from them are also given off small capillary branches to supply the trabecular structure.
The answer to the first of these questions may be given, in summary form, at once.
For the first time ever, a bridge award was given to a leader of one of the world's great powers.
He has never given a press interview-proof, some say, of his great self-discipline.
Mice given the drug every three days from birth suffered far less age-related body-wasting than those which were not.
The flies were given two different fruits as egg laying sites.
Every brand was given its head and allowed to do what it wanted.
While some copyright owners have simply given up, others continue pour money, effort and time into endeavouring to enforce rights.
Given the active role that the state still plays in the economy, the change may be as sweeping for business as it is for politics.
Both groups were then given a lesson in how to solve problems of this sort.
But it said the interview was given on condition that questions not be raised about his detention.
One advantage of the new method is the amount of coverage that can be achieved with a given amount of healthy skin.
It emerged that they had witnessed two dozen infants and children being given lethal drugs to speed their deaths.
It is not only poor performance that has given investors whiplash.
During every round, players are given the opportunity to donate points to their neighbours.
It's not clear whether he's been given a spring training invite.
It's not clear if he's been given an invite to spring training.
The extent of the injury is not yet known, but it's a concern given that his fantasy value is tied to his speed.
No reason was given why it took more than one day for news of the accident to be released.
Folks in each line were randomly given a red or white plate.
Given a complete knowledge of current state and inputs, and given a machine that is equivalent to ourselves.
It is less intuitive to grasp that when a gas condenses to a liquid, heat is given off and the process is exothermic.
Given without an adjuvant, a vaccine is unlikely to provide any real benefit.
First, a photoconductive surface is given a positive electrical charge.
Then the participants were given psychological tests to measure their ability to savor pleasant experiences.
Today's treatments are typically given at home or by nonmedically licensed technicians.
Next the team studied how the bees back at the hive interpreted the performances given by the returning foragers.
So the multilingual is always making choices in selecting the appropriate language for a given situation.
Researchers have long debated whether a sensor for fat existed, given that many animals display an innate attraction to fats.
As a result, different propellants are used for different missions and differ among the stages of any given rocket.
Some metaphors are not literary creations at all-instead they seem to be built from the ground up, given to us by experience.
Later, when he told the story, he attempted to convey the awfulness of what she had given him.
Given the crush, the mood on line is polite, respectful.
Visitors are given an insider's tour of the facility's launch sites, rockets and spaceflight simulators.
Tunes written in one village would often be given lyrics by a member of a different community.
Before long, she had made a name for herself-literally-taking the first two letters of her three given names.
The ability to see the brain in a fresh light has given rise to a wealth of insights in the past few decades.
The territories have been given new names, or divided into smaller units or incorporated into larger ones.
They are feisty creatures and will attempt to escape from a boiling pot onto your kitchen floor given the chance.
Their subsequent feeding, after they were given a choice of foods, was then monitored.
Biodiversity refers to the number of species in a given area.
No fish are harvested, and local people are given an economic incentive for conserving the resource.
Where the skin is dark, tattooing has given way to scarification as a form of initiation into adulthood and beauty.
Absolute humidity is a measurement of the total amount of water vapor in the air at a given temperature.
Given the intense public interest, the three-day show was extended to four.
Each ring contains a fingerprint of the water chemistry wherever the fish swam on a given day.
Through federal protection, at-risk populations are given the chance to rebound.
Researchers from the two teams said they had given properties of stem cells to human cells taken from skin and connective tissues.
And that could have been easy enough to do, given the arsenal of stuff my courses are given via the publishers.
Each week the designers are given a specific challenge, a budget, and a short time in which to complete it.
The teachers will be volunteers, the courses will cost next to nothing, and no official credit will be given.
Given your situation, one last semester in a non-continuing contract, this is a low risk opportunity to speak up for yourself.
Users continue to stress the limits of any given system, and creators expand the system to accommodate new growth.
Given the heterogeneity of job candidates and of the positions advertised, perhaps this debate is unavoidable.
As you know, grades are earned on the basis of quality of work, not given on the basis of need.
At my present school, final exams must be given during finals week.
Begin by trying to look pleased that you've been asked and therefore given a chance to answer the question.
All the locks from a given company may work in the same way, but all the keys will be different.
In fact, his consistency has given him a kind of power in the current era.
Half the children were given zinc while the other half were given a placebo.
In legal terms, copyright governs the right to make copies of a given work.
If given enough leeway, they quickly become shrewd managers of their own finances.
The power of words has rarely been given a more compelling demonstration.
She would have preferred to look into an empty mirror, even given the sinister implications.
Given the salience of this, it's of some importance to teach ourselves to make distinctions.
But the standard of living in any given profession is much lower.
Genetically modified crops designed for industrial agriculture have given the technology a bad rap.
First, they were given a problem-solving task where they would be paid for each correct answer.
It's almost always given decades after the fact, to researchers that are already well known and well established.
Because she ate earlier in the day, she can't be given a sedative.
Atrocious health care, no where to sleep, and no treatment given.
She was also given the names and e-mail addresses of a dozen distant cousins.
Given the same information, any of you could extract the same conclusions.
They would probably have given the dinosaur a strange hump on its back.
Given a tap, the marble will move in a straight line.
In early lab experiments, obese mice given extra leptin by injection seemed sated.
Even normal-weight mice became skinnier when given injections of the hormone.
When the city introduces a bike lane on a given street, it removes dozens of parking places.
The transgression was not the complaint that the award had been given to the wrong writer.
The sheer legibility of the place would be achievement enough, given its size.
Given the tumult of the past few years, the barter system is starting to look good.
With a flare of ink in the capital city, rights were taken and given away.
It was as if the dessert chefs had given up on dessert, too.
Still, the impact of any given disaster depends on a variety of factors.
Given the information above, thoughtful readers and viewers can now understand this misrepresentation.
Or they could keep the information given to a minimum if they're concerned about privacy.
They haven't given any clues about how soon they will properly launch the service.
Some beta users are being given invites to share, though.
And livestock are routinely given the drugs to beef up rather than slim down.
The key is that his system now deposits the catalyst on a porous electrode, increasing the amount of catalyst in a given area.
Perhaps this information can be used in marketing to gain an overall perspective on the mood of a given market.
Cloud hosting allows companies more flexibility based on the resources that they actually need at a given moment.
Given the chance, their tractor beam will pull a particle all the way back to the source.
Genetic information would help doctors select the right drugs to treat disease in a given patient.
Based on the properties of a given surface and a given liquid, the models can predict the contact angle between them.
Ignorance and myth have given way to an extraordinarily detailed understanding of life, matter and the universe.
Subjects are directed to the room but are given no instructions except to wait for the experimenter.
And they require half the power to perform at a given switching speed.
Then they are given a briefing on those issues, prepared by experts with conflicting views.
Critics were aghast that mind-altering chemicals were being given to kids.
About half the students were given a dollar bill, while the other half were given four quarters.
We were given a choice of covering a number of songs that were used in the movie.
Visitors are given the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire, so that an expert can personally select a scent for them.
But there was also a natural sympathy working in his favor, given the fact that he is blind and no stranger to hardship.
He started a fund-raising campaign-he sold all the gifts that had been given to him by all these different presidents.
However, when the evidence given is examined in detail the cluster dissolves.
Poetry and science are gifts given to all of humanity.
It is given to few intellectuals to invent an important new branch of their specialty.
It is said that money is being given by the wrong sponsors to the wrong people for the wrong purposes.
It's easy to see why, given the opportunity, he would forgo a trial and possible prison time and simply deport himself.
Given such heterogeneities, leaders must be vague, ambiguous and inconsistent.

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