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They usually cover me with their own blood, and give up fewer seeds for the effort than it's worth.
If you don't want to give up your lawn for one of these reasons or others, consider replacing it with artificial turf.
He would have been overthrown by the other power groups and the church as they did not wish to give up power.
You'd have to give up corn and a whole lot of other things you didn't realize were engineered.
He spent millions, over twice he was legally obligated to in his contract with the city, and finally had to give up.
Others might lack the ability and give up after trying once or twice.
During dry times it can give up almost all of its body moisture and simply stop normal body activities.
The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.
He tried, and he tried, but at last had to give up in despair.
Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.
Find time still to be learning somewhat good, and give up being desultory.
To avoid dispute then, let us give up the former of these uses.
If the condemnation implied in these terms were decisive and final, then philosophy would be compelled to give up.
Striking the column with her wand she caused it to split open and give up the sacred coffin.
The government, too, needs to give up on short-term fixes.
Some die from the effort, others give up, all are possessed by the sense that they are living close to a divine presence.
Yet if they give up, the unions stand to lose credibility.
These are aimed at getting the country to give up its nuclear-weapons programme in return for aid, trade and security guarantees.
Winter is drawing to a close, but there are options for ski junkies who aren't ready to give up the slopes.
No doubt, one might argue, the promotion artists get is worth more than the performance rights they give up.
If he doesn't, he will probably give up in confusion.
My favorite pastime is motivating my peers to keep going and only give up if they truly do not enjoy what they are doing.
Researchers are asking hockey players to give up their brains to study the long-term impact of concussions.
Hockey players give up their bodies to stop the puck.
Now researchers are asking hockey players to give up their brains.
The lion should give up the chase if he hasn't caught the gazelle within four seconds.
Perhaps it is better to give up a little of the ego to see that only patient, calm forgiveness sets us free.
In addition, even irritating family members often provide support and warmth you cannot afford to give up.
We should give up looking for intelligent extra terrestrial life.
They've shot and killed poachers in action who wouldn't give up the trade.
In this regard this study might be more about how long does it take one to give up belief in favor of let's say reality.
Lets work together on both ends of the problem and give up on all the hyperbole.
If patients choose to give up their right to an informed decision they surely may do so.
These people are concerned about the manatees, but they don't want to give up boating.
Poppy cultivation is a tradition in certain families, and a source of income tribesmen are reluctant to give up.
Mysterious scrolls found beneath the lava and ash of an ancient volcanic eruption have begun to give up their secrets.
We had to give up one kind of authenticity for another, and that's fine.
The flushers were about to give up when the bird flew up from under the feet of one of them.
Julie teaches you that if you are determined to achieve something you should never give up.
Follow your heart and don't give up in terms of learning.
The two countries' education systems are headed in opposite directions, aiming at exactly what the other one is trying to give up.
Some students look for ways to give up-weekly, even daily.
IF you are unwilling to give up the safety that tenure brings, dont complain about the wages others taking that risk are earning.
Some make an effort, but give up because of deadbeat partners.
All the employees had to do was give up the best-paying jobs they'd ever had.
In addition, realize that if you pursue a doctoral degree you have to give up some other things in your life.
And professors might also be willing to give up some compensation in return for flexibility.
The move didn't mean she had to give up her ambitions.
To live at the university, he would have to give up his job.
Not everyone, however, is willing to give up on providing public computers.
Once it happens, you can practically give up or start drilling new holes.
People who actually know about the topic decide that life's too short and give up.
Also, streaming makes the customer give up a little more privacy.
Anyone who wants to use the firm's database must agree to give up any medical utility discovered.
Regardless, a junkie can't give up the habit by looking for more hits.
The problem is that once you start talking about cost-cutting you make people think about what they might have to give up.
She rarely scolded us and let me give up piano at age seven.
He decides to give up writing plays, and sets out to do one final show.
The narrator is drenched, hypothermia, and ready to give up.
We rather voluntarily give up a part of or the whole of our bodies than to inflict a damage on the lives of our brothers.
In short, a science confronted by an anomaly is not supposed to give up, but to develop a theory of it.
One is obliged to choose: and in choosing one form of life, give up the other.
And yet they were demanding that the workers give up baseline benefits, such as health care and pensions.
The researchers say that this doesn't mean that heel-wearers should give up their favorite shoes entirely.
It would be easy to close our eyes or to give up in despair.
But, the real point here is to believe in yourself and your talent and to not give up.
It weighs on us now, tempts us to give up, as the harsh cold itself does.
What is missing here is discussion of the facts: that all countries who give up the high ground lose, economically and otherwise.
No one should ever have to give up a normal life because of a random incident, or indeed, lose a dream over a physical limitation.
So it's a better option to give up and turn to me-perhaps the smartest strategy of all.
Naturally, these people won't give up their beliefs easily.
Governments can be reluctant to give up samples that might make them look bad.
There are some guidelines for airlines that give compensation to people who voluntarily give up their seats.
If you request a hearing you give up the option of attending defensive driving school.
Don't give up if you are not satisfied with the seller's response to your complaint.
They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
However, in some countries, consumers are not allowed to give up their right to go to court.
Here's another habit you might have to give up soon: tattoos.
At one point she had to give up her small bedroom so that her father would have more room for his boots and shoes.
Anyone who has ever tried to give up smoking cigarettes knows the meaning of being hooked.
People have long tried to give up various vices, habits and proclivities in their attempts toward self-improvement.
Don't blame the wrong people and don't give up the routine.
But they don't give up their bounty easily, so for now they're more expensive than corn-based ethanol to produce.

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