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But you can not give in on any occasion for any reason.
Give in to the unknown for a while and ponder the mystery.
To be irrational with your own money may be to be foolhardy, to give in to guilty pleasure, or to wallow in caprice.
People who give in to such desires simply do not deserve freedom.
It's all so quick and convenient, you can give in the moment.
It's obvious free societies cannot simply give in to hysterical demands made by members of any beyond-the-pale group.
We need term limits to get rid of the professionals who live off lobbyists and other groups who give in support of their causes.
Even when we're exhausted and give in to our body's demands for rest, sleep can be elusive.
They said she was going to court to send a message to her supporters that she would not easily give in.
We didn't give in to mistrust or to cynicism or to fear.
Currently, some denim is woven with stretch threads to allow some give in the fabric.
By being able to process credit card transactions, members can give in monthly payments.
People often give in order to control where their money goes and how it is used.
When two or more persons sue or defend as copartners they may give in evidence any contract admissible under the pleadings.
Never give in to high-pressure requests for contributions or donations.

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