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Example sentences for give away

There's a really long wait, but then a stranger shows up with a ticket he says he needs to give away because he's claustrophobic.
Which was a clue that measuring methylation might give away age.
Who will give away such a precious blue-green algae also known as green gold.
But everyone has something they can afford to give away.
We don't need enuf detail to give away any industrial secrets.
To say more would give away too many delightful surprises about this hour of well-crafted escapism.
Let's have them give away some more unfunded scholarships.
People are afraid they will give away too much information.
Venter also promised that he would give away the basic human code for free.
It does not, however, obviously make sense to give away in advance of a negotiation that you are likely to lie or cheat in it.
The logical conclusion is for artists to give away their music as a promotional tool.
If things go well, the stand might even give away the lemonade for free.
High taxes reduce people's incomes and wealth, leaving them with less money to give away.
We shouldn't give away powers without thinking but sometimes pooling sovereignty works.
Give away favorite toys, video games, music or pets.
We give away a lot of our product, and people embrace it.
He's determined to neither offend his inquisitor nor give away an iota of personal information.
Lucky for you, then, that we've got ten codes to give away.
Studies have shown that poor people give away a much higher percentage of their income than rich people.
Or maybe there is never a good time to give away a business.
It's not enough for philanthropists to give away money.
Groups regularly give away food on the library's steps, also attracting homeless people.
Never give away your only copy of a picture or video.

Famous quotes containing the word give away

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