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Perhaps you might give us the gist of this cautionary tale.
This is the gist of the poem as it appears in almost all editions.
The gist of the message was that I should get an auction timer and save myself a lot of time and trouble.
But he knows from bitter experience that the gist of it is no.
You could get the gist of a sentence, but not read it clearly.
You cannot skim it and get the “gist” of the reading.
And the rest is accurate enough to convey the gist.
The gist of the article is true, but it is not the complete picture.
But basically the gist of this essay is not fair.
The gist of the action revolves around two card-game heists.
There is a thread about these nomenclature differences somewhere, but the gist of it is that it varies by university.
Especially if the gist of your prediction is that something won't happen or isn't possible.
The gist of a lot of the posts seems to be it's a long shot but more power to them.
The gist: some restaurants had the temerity to serve halal without telling customers.
The gist, she said, was that in order to be successful you have to cut off one of your burners.
The gist of the article is that five to six times it has been declared that icing on wings has been completely solved.

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